APBF and OPENA pledge cohesive efforts to enrich national economy


APBF and Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs of North America pledge cohesive efforts to enrich national economy


The ‘All Pakistan Business Forum’ (APBF) under the omniscient leadership of Mr. Ibrahim Qureshi serves as a vibrant business association which promotes the interests of the business community and industry, while also advocating fair business policies and transparency as part of its mandate. Capitalizing on its high-profiled representation of 2000 members, from diverse commercial sectors, the APBF has taken various initiatives for social development, in collaboration with some of the leading enterprises and associations.

In order to achieve its developmental objectives, APBF has recently entered into a valuable collaboration with the “Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs of North America” (OPENA). The goals of this MoU are to strengthen people-to-people ties between the global community and Pakistan, through exchange of information, experiences and expertise; strengthening the capacity of local organizations through leadership development and training, especially of women and youth. OPENA’s focus is to promote entrepreneurship and professional growth.

APBF and OPENA are to implement the initiatives by providing linkages between Pakistani businessmen with Global industry entrepreneurs for the purpose of networking and support; promoting linkages of businesses of foreign countries to develop Joint Ventures, technology transfer and other types of commercial associations. Moreover, APBF is to provide support to the members of OPENA who wish to set up businesses, identify vendors or require facilitation in Pakistan. Networking between Pakistani universities, institutions, entrepreneurs, and industries will also be created to accelerate the national economy.

The President of APBF – Mr. Ibrahim Qureshi expressed his gratitude to OPENA for collaborating with APBF. He stated that; “APBF is thankful to our new partner – Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs of North America, for helping us play a key role in national progress. We are effectively striving to bring Business Leaders, Chambers and Associations on a united platform to endeavor for a strong and prosperous Pakistan with sustainable growth, ensured through effective policies followed in continuity, resulting in better quality of life for the people of the country.”

Mr. Ibrahim Qureshi further informed the media that; “Over the years, APBF has made numerous valuable contributions towards the progress and growth of the national economy. We are making consistent efforts to identify and engage resourceful organizations and entrepreneurs, to create new opportunities and mutual benefits through our shared values and wisdom.”

The MoU was signed in Islamabad during a high-profiled event – “The Summit – 2015”, orchestrated by APBF. This event highlighted the impressive profile of the APBF and its partners, with strong patronage of numerous Multinational organizations and leading Pakistani enterprises as its sponsors. It served as an informative platform to discuss, realign the strategic business, and social-development road-map for Pakistan.