Apple releases the new firmware version for AirPods Pro/AirPods Max, AirPods Pro/AirPods Max, and Beats products


Apple has launched a new firmware version of headphones with the W1/H1 chip. This update applies to AirPods Pro (second-generation), AirPods Max (second-generation), Beats Solo Pro (second-generation), and Powerbeats 4. You can find out more about how to check the firmware version below.

AirPods updates and Beats Updates are currently not available. This means that we’ll need to wait until an update is fully implemented before we can see what’s new. Apple doesn’t have a strong update mechanism for AirPods Software, so users are often left in the dark about new changes.

firmware version

Here is the latest firmware version:

  • AirPods Pro – 4A400
  • AirPods Max, 4A400
  • AirPods (second generation) – 4A400
  • Beats Solo Pro – 4A394
  • Powerbeats 4 – 4A394
  • Powerbeats PRO – 4A394

How to update AirPods

Apple does make it difficult to manually update AirPods to the latest firmware versions. Instead, Apple says that new firmware versions are automatically downloaded when your AirPods and iPhone are connected via Bluetooth.

To check your AirPods firmware version:

  • Open the Settings App on your iPhone
  • Navigate the “Bluetooth” menu
  • Locate your AirPods within the following list
  • Tap the “i”, right next to them
  • The “Firmware Edition” number is visible

4A400 is the firmware version for the latest AirPods Max, AirPods Max, AirPods Pro firmware. If you see this message in the Settings App, it means your AirPods were fully updated. If the update is not displayed, connect to your iPhone via Bluetooth.