Center for Global & Strategic Studies (CGSS), Islamabad


Center for Global & Strategic Studies (CGSS), Islamabad hosted an Interactive Session with Delegation from Royal College Of Defence Studies, United Kingdom on 7th May, 2019 at Margalla Hotel, Islamabad.

On the 7th of May, 2019, CGSS hosted an interactive session with delegation of Royal College of Defence Studies (RCDS). The session was chaired by Major General Syed Khalid Amir Jaffery HI (M), (Retd) – President CGSS who began the proceedings with a warm welcome extending to the RCDS delegation. Major General LAWRENCE, John Craig of the United Kingdom Army extended his willingness to work in collaboration with CGSS to learn about the future economic prospects, the security policy and the stability of Pakistan. This high level delegation comprised of senior level students from 10 different countries who met with the senior leadership of CGSS.

The session comprised of various discussions including the resolution of Kashmir dispute. The participants deliberated that the resolution of Kashmir issue is not possible without the intervention of intentional powers as bilateral solutions have never happened. This issue has now become a global issue. The political leadership in Kashmir is irrelevant and youth has made a localized leadership.

The participants discussed that democracy is now being questioned for not delivering effectively and the super power is now losing its cloud. The session then proceeded to discuss the prospects of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and how the next 100 years will be for economic gains. Furthermore, the future of South Asia was also discussed including the security and stability of the region.

Different factors that affect the Indo-Pak subcontinent were highlighted, including Indo-US nexus, events in Afghanistan, stagnation of dialogue between Taliban and authorities and BRI. Extremism is now shifting towards India in the form of Hindutva, thus, with a possibility of larger turmoil.

The discussion also focused on Shanghai Cooperation Organization which is not an alliance as per the Chinese vision, but was established to resolve the disputes of the region. The discussion comprised of the economic side of BRI and CPEC, significance of Gwadar port. Universal trade, economy, GDP and revenues were also discussed.

The participants during the session also discussed the inter-dependence of the political and military systems of Pakistan, and what challenges this may pose for Pakistan in the times to come. Asia was recognized as the biggest strategic beneficiary for the economic benefits. The participants discussed that Pakistan needs to invest in other aspects of development such as education, to match the pace of other developing nations of the region such as China. Conclusively, the participants discussed the atrocities of India in Kashmir, and requested the international community to urge a feasible solution for sake of Kashmiris and their 70years of suffering.

The interactive session was attended by approximately 80 participants.

Delegation of RCDS attending the Interactive Session included:

  1. Captain ALMUTAIRI, Hamud, Hmedan, N – Royal Saudi Naval Force
  2. Colonel BADOS NIETO, Victor, Mario – Spanish Army
  3. Colonel BEN AMMAR, Khaled – Tunisian Army
  4. Brigadier FARAH, Said, Mohamed – Kenyan Navy
  5. Ms GOOTSAL, Svitlana – Ukraine National Institute for Strategic Studies
  6. Colonel GRASSI, Michele – Italian Air Force
  7. Group Captain JEFFRIES, Martin, James – Royal Air Force
  8. Colonel MANTYLA, Vesa, Markus – Finnish Air Force
  9. Ms MCILWHAM, Fiona, May, Joan – Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  10. Brigadier MORTIMER, Ian, Stuart – British Army
  11. Captain READWIN, Roger, Roy – Royal Navy
  12. Colonel SMITH, Alexander, James – British Army
  13. Colonel TAHIROV, Rashad, Kamal, Oglu – Azerbaijan Army
  14. Mr TANABE, Eisuke – Japanese Ministry of Defence
  15. SHELLEY, Stephen Philip-UK
  16. Lieutenant Colonel Ben Ramsay – Defence Attaché, UK High Commission, Islamabad
  17. Brigadier Ben Edwards


CGSS Advisory Board Members attending the Interactive Session included:

  1. Major General Syed Khalid Amir Jaffery, (Retd) – President CGSS
  2. Lieutenant General Naeem Khalid Lodhi, (Retd.) – Former Defence Minister
  3. Lieutenant General Masood Aslam – Senior Member Advisory Board CGSS
  4. Ashfaq Ahmed Gondal – Former Federal Secretary Information, Senior Member Advisory Board CGSS
  5. Sikandar Hameed Lodhi – Senior Economist
  6. Brigadier Sohail Tirmizi (Retd)- Former Vice President Islamabad Policy Research Institute
  7. Tauqir Ahmed- Member Advisory Board CGSS
  8. Air Marshal Waseem, (Retd.) – Former Deputy Chief of Air Staff
  9. Rear Admiral Adnan Nazir, (Retd.) – Pakistan Navy
  10. Brigadier Akhtar Nawaz Janjua, (Retd.) – Member Advisory Board CGSS
  11. Jawad Majid – Director and Head of Silk Bank Emaan Islamic Branch
  12. Abdul Rauf Chaudhry- Former Federal Tax Ombudsman/ Former Federal Secretary
  13. Shakeel Ramay – Executive Director Zalmi Foundation, Member Advisory Board CGSS
  14. Makhdoom Babar – Editor in Chief, Daily Mail