iTunes for Windows crashes when there is no English language in the system after an update [U. Pulled]


Apple also announced a new iTunes for Windows version that supports iOS 15 (and iPad OS 15) on Monday. iTunes was not compatible with users who have set their system language to English after the update.

iTunes for Windows

Update – Apple Music for Windows was removed from the Microsoft Store to fix the bug.

According to the Brazilian website Techno blog, some users have complained in Apple Communities of a bug with iTunes that wouldn’t allow the app to open. An error message said that iTunes could not run because some of its necessary files were missing. Please reinstall iTunes.

Users can’t just reinstall iTunes via the Microsoft Store. However, some users reported that they received the same error message when trying to do so.

While iTunes crashed when you tried to update to an earlier version, the Techno blog discovered the problem could be due to a language issue. iTunes crashes in Windows if it isn’t set up in English.

iTunes will work normally after you switch the operating system language to English. If the user switches back to another language, the bug returns.

iTunes for Windows

Apple hasn’t stated when a new iTunes update will be released to fix this issue. But it is expected that the app’s next update will come within the next few hours. For now, if this bug is affecting you, all that’s required to fix it is to change your Windows language from English to English.