Quality after Sales Services Ensure Huawei’s Success


Huawei owes its tremendous success in the first half of fiscal year, 2015; to the services it provides which focus on the end-user’s requirements throughout the product cycle.


Huawei has achieved first position in customer satisfaction level in China, according to IPSOS. Globally, Huawei has 650 partners and more than 3,000 service points, whereas in China it has 400 customer service centers and 184 designated service centers. Five major customer support centers are operating worldwide, with customer service hotlines covering 91 countries, supporting 47 languages. The first class services which are efficiently provided in these Service Centers are on-site services, Repairing services, Hotline service, Internet service, We chat service.

Huawei always focuses on quality with premium smartphone strategy and has consistently delivered such smart phones flagships which have been received by the customers with tremendous applause. Huawei has created a premium flagship smartphone for each product series, e.g. for Mate series, P series, G+ series and Honor series.

Huawei’s customer service centers around the world are handling 20,000 customers on average daily, over 90% of the problem solving rate and 95% customer satisfaction. According to the surveys performed, the “On-site customer service level of satisfaction result” of Huawei is 77.39%, outshining its competitors like Apple, Samsung, and Lenovo etc.