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J Vigilant –Access Control System developed by Jaffer Business Systems

J Vigilant –Access Control System developed by Jaffer Business Systems

J-Vigilant is a web based access control and management software that enables users to securely manage their office, home or any location. It can be configured to any sized organization and can have number of client workstations. J-Vigilant’s User Interface is highly flexible across specific levels of management and control.  Its user friendly design makes it simple to operate and maintain

Tailor Made Solution

J-Vigilant is JBS own brainchild and that gives them the luxury to customize it according to the business needs and security requirements of clients. Unlike standard control systems, which require large investments and don’t allow for modifications, this product allows organizations to modify while staying within the budget.

Intelligent System

J-Vigilant is not just another off-the-shelf system that is available in the market. There is intelligence behind the system that makes it distinctive and enables organizations to do things beyond just monitoring the movement of the visitors such as maintaining a complete record of visitors’ profile, history, making correlations between incidences and events and lets you see the comprehensive picture.

Comprehensive Analysis Reporting

One of the unique features of the J-Vigilant is its strong capability of analysis and reporting. J-Vigilant has an intelligence built around it that can gauge the information from the data recorded. It can make co-relations between different incidences and draw logical conclusions to present several possible scenarios. This built in intelligence in the system is the key differentiating factor of the J-Vigilant system compared to other similar systems in the market place. Comprehensive reports are available in the system with different options for the management to monitor the efficiency of the operations and to enable them to take timely decisions.

J Vigilant has different modules including:

Key Benefits of J Vigilant

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