Jazz Releases Sustainability Report 2016-17

Jazz Releases Sustainability Report 2016-17

Jazz, Pakistan’s leading digital communications company, has launched a report on the status of the company’s contribution to sustainability. As a leader in digital transformation the Jazz Sustainability Report 2016-17 elaborates on the impact interventions, the communities it has empowered and its sustainability strategy.

The report focuses on bridging societal gaps by empowering the youth and marginalized communities through innovative digital and financial solutions.The sustainability strategy at Jazz is fully aligned withthe Government of Pakistan priorities and jointly addresses international obligations under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

Jazz’s CEO, Aamir Ibrahim spoke of the linkage between a futuristic digital technology company and the advancement of sustainable practices in Pakistan. He said, “As part of VEON Group, Jazz has the digital technology, tools and expertise to create synergies with the masses, break barriers and help address socio-economic challenges in the process. This report focuses on the work Jazz is doing to educate and inspire organizations and individuals, so they can also play a part in development.”

Jazz executes its current sustainability strategy under VEON’s “Make Your Mark (MYM)”programme. Under this, Jazz has focused on a sustainable business model where youth is empowered toparticipate and improve onsocio-economic challenges by leveraging the company’s core business and technological expertise.

The Jazz Smart School programme is one of the premier initiatives launched under MYM. The initiative has been designed to increase student learning outcomes and improve teaching methodology by a smart learning solution deployed through a digital online blended learning platform across 75 female public sector schools in Islamabad. The pilot two year programme began in October 2017 and is impacting 20,000+ female students and 600+ female teachers/principals.

Jazz reports on its sustainability initiatives using the international Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework, which helps the organization improve performance across all important thematic areas vis-à-vis international best practices.

Along with the print versionof the sustainability report that can be downloaded from www.jazz.com.pk,the company has also released a digital documentary that covers all salient features of the Jazz Sustainability Report. The video can be viewed on the website and is linked here:

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