DIGISKILLS continues its legacyof Success by overachieving its enrollments

DIGISKILLS continues its legacyof Success by overachieving its enrollments

DIGISKILLS continues its legacy of Success by overachieving its enrollments


Ignites flagship startup “DigiSkills Program” continues its legacy of success by overachieving its enrolment target once again. Enrolments for batch 5 were opened on 6th October and all 250,000 seats filled up quickly, due to which enrolments were closed well before time. Training in 10 different courses; designed to equip Pakistanis with the skills essential to thrive in the future of work has started from 6th November.

DigiSkills.pk is Pakistan’s largest online training program, developed and run through Ignite, under the ambit of Ministry of Information Technology & Telecom. The training courses are meticulously designed by Virtual University by taking onboard subject matter experts. The 2-year program aims to provide 1 million trainings out which more than 700,000 will be completed by end December. The program has only 2 more batches left, and will be completed in August 2020.

The courses offered include Freelancing, E-Commerce Management, Digital Literacy, Digital Marketing, AutoCAD, WordPress, Creative Writing, QuickBooks, Graphic Design and Search Engine Optimization; all of which are offered free of cost, which can be availed by anyone from anywhere.

Once training is completed and government certification is received, a trainee can begin freelance work online and start to earn money. Multiple such case studies have already emerged from this program, especially from the rural areas of Pakistan, where job opportunities are already limited.

Digiskills program is truly changing lives and making a noticeable impact on the economy as well; with Pakistan leading the Asian market in freelance revenue generated.





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