USehat offers affordable healthcare solution to Pakistanis in times of need

USehat offers affordable healthcare solution to Pakistanis in times of need

Pakistani telecom operator, Ufone has always given paramount importance to its customers and their well-being. The recent COVID 19 pandemic has hit the country badly and there are thousands of Pakistanis who are unable to cover their medical expenses and avail adequate treatment. Addressing this major concern, Ufone has partnered with MicroEnsure to bring U financial security in times of need.

USehat offers a financial safety net to customer against costs of hospitalization at any hospital across Pakistan.  The product also provides financial cover in case of death of a subscriber and an additional sum for funeral expenses.

Maximum daily hospitalization benefit available upon payment of full one month’s subscription fee is PKR 10,000 (Diamond plan) whereas maximum Daily Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Benefit is PKR 20,000 (Diamond plan). USehat offers generous limits which shall help subscribers during these difficult times along with eliminating their worries about hospital bills.

Thirty nights financial cover is payable for any one hospitalization and the daily benefit ranges from PKR 1,000 (Silver Plan) to PKR 10,000 (Diamond Plan) under hospitalization benefit and from PKR 2,000 (Silver Plan) to PKR 20,000 (Diamond Plan) under ICU benefit.

Subscribers of Ufone who are Pakistani nationals and aged minimum eighteen (18) years and under seventy years (70) can avail USehat upon payment of applicable subscription fee.

The subscription process is made highly easy for users. As part of the process pre-paid users just have to dial *6070# from their Ufone SIM and select USehat. Once the registration is activated on Ufone systems, the charging will start and service will become active. Under the USehat Silver plan, the daily subscription charges are Rs. 1.79. SMS notifications will be sent to users every step of the way. The terms and conditions of USehat are available at Ufone’s official website.

In case of any insured loss, subscribers can notify us through one of these methods. They can either call at USehat helpline 051-8466670, call Ufone helpline 333 or send an email at [email protected].

In these testing times, Ufone is constantly striving to facilitate as many people as possible. Unfortunately majority of people in Pakistan do not have healthcare insurance due to which they are facing extreme financial pressures today. USehat aims to reduce the burden by offering easy insurance options.  The program is a reflection of Ufone’s commitment to provide affordable healthcare to Pakistanis whom they consider a part of their U family. As the number of coronavirus cases rise in Pakistan, the fear and panic amongst people is also rising therefore it is necessary to focus on solutions which could help them to battle this disease in a resilient manner.

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