Fight against Covid-19!

Fight against Covid-19! has taken a positive initiative to spread awareness about this pandemic Covid-19. People were taking this virus as a regular flue but it’s a very different kind of virus which has the ability to spread rapidly. So to cater this threat also thought to play its role in spreading awareness regarding Coronavirus.

Smartlink Technologies has made a new tab “#StayHome #StaySafe #DefeatCOVID19” on their Website so that the people who visit their website can also get correct information regarding Covid-19. This information includes Precautions, Myths and Symptoms of Coronavirus.


Social Media Campaign has also started a social media campaign to raise awareness for Coronavirus and they are also trying to engage people with different social media posts by knowing how their quarantine is going while staying at home.

Smartlink Technologies has also extended the warranty of their Smartphone. The warranties which were going to expire in the month of March, are now valid till 30th April. As customers have always been Smartlink Technologies’ number 1 priority, that’s why they thought to make it convenient for their customers and increase the warranty by one month.

For Smartlink Technologies, safety of their employees and customers is the number 1 priority. So we appeal you all to stay at home and stay safe. is completely functional, so if you want anything, feel free to order it from

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