Picture Life Together with OPPO Reno5’s AI Mixed Portrait, Dual-View Video, and AI Highlight Video

Picture Life Together with OPPO Reno5’s AI Mixed Portrait, Dual-View Video, and AI Highlight Video

The smartphone videography game has come a long way since its inception. With the latest OPPO Reno5, the brand is taking the smartphone videography game to the next level with its AI Mixed Portrait, Dual-View Video, and AI Highlight Video. The OPPO Reno5’s ground-breaking camera is strategically built on the Reno series legacy of innovations. The Reno series has been pushing the boundaries of innovative imaging bringing technological breakthroughs to its users.


Reno5 introduces an all-new camera system featuring a 64MP rear quad-cam matrix and a 44MP ultra-clear front camera allowing users to picture life together creatively and artistically. With the vision of the brand to enlighten young minds and enhance their talent, let’s see how the features intensify videography skills.


OPPO believes that hardware specification guarantees the lower limit of image quality, and excellent advanced algorithms can determine the upper limit of the image.


AI Mixed Portrait

The Reno5 features an industry-first in the form of AI Mixed Portrait – the first double exposure video effect in a smartphone. By uniting a portrait video with the background video, the AI Mixed Portrait allows a double exposure video effect, enabling an innovative creative effect. This feature is a crucial social tool for the youth for videos, vlogs, and much more enabling them to channel their aesthetic videography skill leading to fun and imaginative results.


Dual-View Video 

Another industry-first is the Dual-View Video in Reno5 that enables videos to be captured from the front and rear cameras simultaneously. This double-perspective recording function effortlessly stitches the user and the object he/she is shooting in the same video frame at once – perfect for vloggers who want to remain in the action at all times.


AI Highlight Video 

Powered by the FDF Portrait Video System, Reno5 takes portrait video quality to the next level with AI Highlight Video. The AI Highlight Video uses intelligent light detection to combine OPPO’s advanced Ultra Night Video Algorithms and Live HDR Algorithms to significantly enhance video quality in dim and backlit scenes.


The brand is showcasing the amazing features of the OPPO Reno5 in an interactive way by engaging big names in the industry along with influencers. The smartphone is now available in the market and can be booked online as well at https://www.oppo.com/pk/bookonline/.


OPPO Reno5 puts a world of possibilities at the user’s fingertips allowing them to have a one-stop solution for all videos in the palm of their hands.


Note: AI Mixed Portrait is not available in the first batch of Reno5 phones, but will be made available through OTA Updates.

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