Pledging for a more Fuel Efficient Pakistan

Shell Pakistan is encouraging its customers to pledge toward a fuel efficient Pakistan. In its new initiative, the oil marketing company is telling customers that the right behaviors, with the right fuel, can help improve fuel economy.


The pledge can be made on the purchase of Shell Super Unleaded worth PKR 500 and PKR 1500 for motorcyclists and motorists respectively. Customers who take the pledge will be eligible to win free fuel for a month or for a year.

Shell Super Unleaded is the company’s main grade fuel, which has been developed by the company’s global team of scientists. The fuel is designed to provide extra kilometers by preventing build-up of deposits that can damage the engine’s performance over time.

Mazhar-ud-Deen, GM Retail, Shell Pakistan, said, “We have observed that the majority of people in Pakistan want to save fuel but are often unaware or misinformed about the right behaviors needed to achieve that goal. Hence, we are providing customers practical and tested fuel efficiency tips, alongside a specially formulated fuel, which is designed for extra kilometers.”

He added, “We are asking our customers to make a pledge that they will be committed to the cause of fuel efficiency for Pakistan and its future.”

Shell Pakistan recently conducted a survey titled Fact or Fiction, which revealed that 71% of drivers consider fuel efficiency to be important. However, 53% admitted they did not know which behaviors to adopt. This ambiguity was highlighted in the results that showed that while people practice fuel efficient behaviors, they also tend to believe in many myths related to this topic.

The survey results along with practical tips on improving fuel economy can be downloaded from

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