Here you will find all the 3G, 4G, call, SMS, and other packages information offered by all the telecom operators of Pakistan. We know that all the customers are interested in keeping themselves updated about all the amazing packages offered by Telenor, Jazz, Zong, and Ufone. Therefore, we have decided to bring all the affordable packages into one single page. We thought it would be very helpful for you if you want to know about the different packages by any network. We make sure that all packages are up to date by constantly adding new packages or updating their prices and other details.

This page is an “all in one solution” for everyone seeking the best call, SMS, or internet package on any network in Pakistan.



Zong is one of the leading mobile data network operators in Pakistan. It is the third-largest mobile service in terms of a subscriber base of 34 million. The number of subscribers is increasing day by day due to its best services and affordable packages. It offers amazing packages that provide comfort and relief.

If you want to know about the call, SMS, or internet packages, click on the tabs below. Each tab will direct you to the page where you can find the required information and details.

Zong Call Packages Zong SMS Packages Zong Internet Packages Zong Balance Check Code
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Zong Advance Loan Code Zong Internet Settings Zong WhatsApp Packages Zong YouTube Packages
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Jazz is the leading mobile operator with a huge subscriber base. Due to its affordable packages, its subscriber circle is expanding every day. Its amazing call, SMS, and internet packages will not put any burden on your pocket.

If you want to know about any package, click on the tabs below. Each tab will take you directly to the page where you will get the details and learn about all the affordable packages. Jazz provides you with affordable packages with quality services.

Jazz Call Packages Jazz SMS Packages Jazz Internet Packages Jazz Balance Check Code
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Jazz Advance Loan Code Jazz Internet Settings Jazz WhatsApp Packages Jazz YouTube Packages
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Ufone believes in affordability, giving you more reasons to stay in contact with your friends and family. Their amazingly low-priced packages make your life better and save your money. Their affordable Call, SMS, and internet packages let you rock and enjoy your time.

If you want to know about any package offered by Ufone, click on the tabs below, and you will get all the details accordingly. Simply click and jump into the details.

Ufone Call Packages Ufone SMS Packages Ufone Internet Packages Ufone Balance Check Code
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Ufone Advance Loan Code Ufone Internet Settings Ufone WhatsApp Packages Ufone YouTube Packages
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Telenor brings unbelievably affordable packages that encourage you to talk more and more with your loved ones. To stay updated, it offers amazing internet bundles. You can enjoy the lavish moments of your life with the incredible Telenor packages.

To get details about all the Telenor packages, click on the tabs below.

Telenor Call Packages Telenor SMS Packages Telenor Internet Packages Telenor Balance Check Code
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Telenor Advance Loan Code Telenor Internet Settings Telenor WhatsApp Packages Telenor YouTube Packages
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Disclaimer: The information provided here regarding packages offered by Zong, Jazz, Ufone, and Telenor is based on publicly available data from the respective sources as of the latest update. Prices, details, validity periods, and activation codes may change over time and may vary based on different factors such as location and promotional offers. We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information; however, for the most current details and terms, please refer to the respective telecom operator’s official website or contact their customer service directly.

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