Dawlance assists municipal authorities in cleaning up after torrential rains

Dawlance assists municipal authorities in cleaning up after torrential rains

Dawlance’s employee volunteers recently joined hands with municipal authorities to conduct a clean-up drive in areas around Dawlance’s factory in Hyderabad.  Torrential rains in Hyderabad had resulted in the overflow of drainage which caused inundation of roads linking the URIL factory to Fateh Chowk, a commuting hub for residents of the nearby Hazara Colony. To expedite the drainage of this main artery, Dawlance’s employee volunteers assisted the municipal authority by lending a hand in operating movable drainage pumps along the flooded areas.

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Speaking about this service to the community, Mr. Hasan Azim Senior Vice President Communications, Dawlance stated, “Our employees are the foundation of Dawlance’s CSR initiatives and together we continue to put an emphasis on the preservation of the community we operate in and assist the locals in times of need. This clean-up activity contributed to that very commitment and gave our employees an opportunity to play their part in uplifting the community. In less than 24 hours, we were able to drain excessive water from the roads linking our factory and Hazara Colony to Fateh Chowk. Credit also goes to the workers of the local municipal authority who worked around the clock to ensure the roads could be opened to the public in the shortest amount of time possible.”

Dawlance’s commitment to the preservation of the environment and the community has been a vital feature of their corporate existence since its inception. The home appliances manufacturer has over the years conducted a plethora of similar clean-up drives, and recently initiated the ‘Dawlance Recycling Program’, through which they imparted recycling workshops to students of Karachi and announced recycled packaging for most of their home appliances.

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