Huawei Reveals Brand Shops Across Pakistan for Mate 8 Pre-booking

Huawei Reveals Brand Shops Across Pakistan for Mate 8 Pre-booking

High Version of Mate 8 has brilliant Combination of4GB RAM & 64 GB ROM

Most awaited flagship smart phone device of Huawei, Mate 8, is available in high version for pre-booking in Pakistan. High Version of Huawei Mate 8 has been fitted with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. That gives it a superior quality of smart phones experience and unmatched efficiency of operating multiple applications and functions smoothly. And of course with lot of storage space for the users to store their music libraries, snaps, videos and lot more. Huawei has started the booking for Mate from the start of this week viz, Moday 18th January.Huawei-Flagship-Smart-Phone

However, the launch dates for Mate 8 in Pakistan are still not revealed by the technology giant. Huawei is strongly expecting impressive impact on the Pakistan consumer market through Mate 8 flagship smart device sales in 2016. Similar indications have been noted from the consumer side and the queries for the launch dates were among the most repeatedly asked ones. Now all what Huawei brand followers need to do is to approach the Huawei Brand shops and against only Rs. 5000/-, place a pre-booking order. Moreover Huawei brand lovers will get free gifts like Bluetooth speakers, cash vouchers of Rs. 10000/- (either cash prize or discount in total amount for Mate 8) and the most entertaining is Runway Fashion week of which free passes will be given by Huawei to the customers placing pre-booking order(but for passes, order must be placed on 18th-19th January). Overall booking your Mate 8 is just a fun with Huawei!

In compliance with the customer satisfaction as a high priority, Huawei has made Mate 8 pre-bookings available for 10 major cities of Pakistan along-with 2 brand shops having network of branches in different cities as well.  Huawei Mate 8 can be pre –booked anywhere on the brand shop branches of the following Brand outlet;

1 M Store 0300-8407755 Lahore
2 Five Cell 0300-8457016 Lahore
3 Best Buy  03008488499 Lahore
4 Bells & Beeps 0321-5444321 Jhelum
5 Audio Aid 0300-5010226 Islamabad
6 United Mobile 0322-2999961 Lahore
7 Mobile Centre 0300-8642254 Gujranwala
8 AS Electronics 0313-2775947 Karachi
9 Signal 2 0300-8292600 Karachi
10 Makkah Mobile 0300-9626182 Gujarat
11 Electro Mart 0321-6259999 Sialkot
12 Mobile Master 0341-9300000 Sialkot
13 Cell Choice 0333-9008484 Peshawar
14 Abubakar Mobile 0300-4033786 Sheikhupura
15 GM Mobile 0333-2727275 Hyderabad
16 Future Shop 0300-4000141 Lahore
17 Ibrar Telecom 0321-8484244 Lahore
18 Hyperstar   Lahore
19 Hyperstar   Karachi
20 M&P 0300-8250503  All over Pakistan
21 Airlink 0345-5568231 All Over Pakistan

Leading Technology master Huawei is all set to sway the customer market with Mate 8 and it is really going to give hard times to Apple and Samsung, because already they are expecting tough environment in market due to market share Huawei has been capturing so far.

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