NTC 20 Years of Excellence

NTC 20 Years of Excellence

National Telecommunication Corporation 20 Years of Excellence

Message of Viqar Rashid Khan, Chaiman, NTC: On completion of 20 years of its journey since its inception on January 1, 1996, I am extremely proud to announce that today NTC being the only official Telecom Service provider of Government of Pakistan has made remarkable achievements to build its telecom infrastructure all over the country for provisioning of secure and reliable Telecom Services to all Federal/Provincial Departments/ Institutions of Government of Pakistan. The new era of telecommunication in Pakistan has brought several challenge to keep the security requirements of the Government of Pakistan (GoP) intact. It is indeed years of excellence as a self-sustained organization. Alhamdullilah, it has been only possible through the hard work and dedication/zeal of the employees of the Corporation. As a self-financing Corporation the NTC not only has developed its State of the Art infrastructure and network without any financial support from Public Sector but is ambitiously expanding its Telecom Networks from major capital cities to district and tehsil level. By the Grace of Allah we have now extended our networks and infrastructure to 87 major cities/towns of the country. It is pertinent to mention here that when NTC was created in 1996, only five exchanges were handed over to NTC by PTCL. Always aiming towards improvement in customer service and service quality, we have adapted modernization and expansion of telecom networks in line with state of the art technologies. It has enabled NTC to extend its converged services in line with industry standards besides significantly improving QoS.

NTC in line with the policies of the Government of Pakistan and the vision of the Honorable Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, under the umbrella of MoIT is pursuing its objectives through proactive and reach out strategy to tailor all its networks as per specific needs of the Government Departments/Institutions. On this special occasion I would not only congratulate all my team members of NTC but would like to express my gratitude to the Government of Pakistan in general and Honorable Minister of State Ms. Anusha Rahman Khan and Mr. Azmat Ali Ranjha, Secretary, MoIT in particular for their full support. It is heartening to mention that particularly during the last three years not only that major development projects have been aggressively planned and successfully executed but an environment of efficient functioning have been created through organization changes and by assigning KPI’s to each individual employee of the Corporation.

NTC as per Telecom Policy is pursuing full range of its mandate under the Telecom Act both through indigenous investments by NTC and/or through the establishment of partnerships with private sector to the benefit of both Government users and private sector. NTC has signed white label agreements with Mobilink, CMPak (Zong), PTCL, REDtone, Pak Data Com and DHA Islamabad on revenue sharing basis to meet the growing demands of NTC customers on account of provision of mobile GSM and broadband services. Today on this day of 20th anniversary, I as Chairman NTC along with my team pledge to pursue the objectives of the Corporation in line with the vision of the Government of Pakistan.

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