Ultimate Aesthetic Taste of delicate Craftiness exposed in Huawei’s Upcoming Mate 8

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              Ultimate Aesthetic Taste of delicate Craftiness exposed in Huawei’s Upcoming Mate 8

With the beginning of the New Year Huawei is going to introduce its new flagship smart phone in the market of Pakistan. Huawei has crafted its new Mate with great delicacies of craftsmanship and claiming it to be a technologically superior product that would definitely attract the hearts of smart technology consumers. Mate S has already set new records of accolade and endorsement with unmatched hot sales and consumer satisfaction all around the international market, and especially here in Pakistan. And now Huawei Mate 8 is there to test the consumers’ eagerness alluring them with its classically romantic and lustrous design of perfectly lined compact body.

Upcoming Mate 8

Mate 8 is a stupendous phablet, having large screen display for best experience of visuals but one thing that is focused more carefully in Mate 8 manufacturing is the artistic compactness of this smart phone. Huawei has crafted Mate 8 in such a way that despite of offering a larger screen of 6” it catches eyes of an observer with its compact body style. Argument of compactness can be consolidated with the fact that the bezel from each side, i.e. left and right, is up to 0.2 mm narrower than Mate 7. It does not look like a gigantic tablet that seems odd to handle, of course. Instead Mate 8 modeled like a bold and elegantly superb smart phone that also in its capacity satisfies the experience of tablet as well.

The glass screen fitted in Mate 8 is 2.5D and its edges are finely cut with diamond craftsmanship, taking each minor detail in focus to achieve a jewel of design. 2.5D glass screen gives smooth feel of swiping this 6” large display smart phone. Further, to make the screen a more coherent with the design that diamond cut edges of screen are made so aligned with the frame that it fits excellently making it seamless. And the overall texture is purely elegant and heart throbbing.

Body of this flagship device is formed with single piece of aircraft-graded aluminum metal with high metallic ratio of 95%. This is easily imaginable that what a lustrous shine, smooth and silky feeling one will enjoy while having Mate 8 hands! Again the combination of diamond cut screen of 2.5D and the uni-bodied metallic luster in a compact design makes Mate 8 even more exquisite than the Mate S.

Huawei Mate 8 is a true flagship device with perfects specs and features and enhanced delicacies of aestheticism. Mate 8 wills definitely going to change the records of sales set by the previous products by the smart phone manufacturing giants in the market. Adding to this, the tradition of Huawei to produce innovative technological products with excellence of design and compatibility placed Huawei on the top of priority list for smart phone consumers in the market.

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