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Renowned Pakistani artist Bugi Ansari inspiring the preservation of Kalash heritage

Renowned Pakistani artist Bugi Ansari inspiring the preservation of Kalash heritage

Lahore: April 28, 2016 –  Pakistan’s  renowned  artist Muhammad Bugi Ansari held  an insightful media‐briefing at the Karachi Press Club, to inspire the nation for preserving the  fascinating  art,  rich  culture  and  ancient  civilization  of the Kalash Tribes, who  have  been  dwelling  for  centuries  in  the  beautiful  Chitral  valley,  located  deep  in  the  pristine  and  majestic mountains of Northern Pakistan.

The Kalash tribes have originated from the Indo‐Iranian branch of the centuries‐old Dardic civilization. Even in today’s modern era, these tribes have maintained their truly unique and traditional lifestyle, as they continue to practice their ancient customs and adorn their authentic attire, reflecting their rich culture.  Bugi enlightened the media about the value of traditional art, culture and customs, which are being recklessly destroyed by the modern societies.He quoted an example saying; “It is heart‐breaking to see that a few decades back, the Kalash tribes used to have 106 statues and wooden figures, created by their legendary artisans.  But  over  the  years,  all  those  masterpieces  were  taken  away  or  stolen  by  people  from  outside.  So today, only one of those precious figures still remains in that area.”  Although Bugi Ansari had left his home thirty years ago, and is settled in Holland, the artist  has travelled  extensively,  spending  a  great  deal  of  his time  learning  and  advocating  the  preservation  of  the  Kalash  heritage.  These  deep  insights  are  also  reflected  in  his  socio‐ cultural  endeavors  and  Surrealistic  style  of  art.  Bugi  has  been  promoting the traditional  work  of  the  skillful  artisans  and  children  of  Kalash  and  introducing  them  to  a  global  audience.  During his vibrant media‐briefing at the Karachi Press Club, Mr. Bugi Ansari also unveiled a large, exquisite painting. This 40‐foot Mural was personally created by Bugi and gifted to  the ‘Dar‐us‐Sukoon’ ‐ a leading philanthropic organization, founded in 1969, by the Dutch  altruist  –Sister Gertrude  Lemmens.  It  focuses  on  providing  safe‐accommodation  and  affectionate  care for the  disabled/special  children,  senior  citizens  and  homeless‐women,  who have been abandoned by the society.

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