Zong’s Activity at PAEC, Chashma

Zong’s Activity at PAEC, Chashma

Launch of Zong’s Post Paid & MBB Offer for PAEC Employees at Chashma.
The meeting with the management of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission was held on the 21st of April 2016. Agenda for the meeting included:


20 Mbps DIA for Chinese account

DIA link for PAEC Chashma

Chinese Employees activation / MBB
PAEC PRI, VPBX and GSM connection

PAEC employees package activity kickoff plan

WAPDA turbine area survey and letter of intent for coverage and business

WAPDA colony coverage survey


ESS needs of Chashma Hydel Power Plant
It was a fruitful meeting in which the management was informed about the special packages and discounted rates that are being offered to the employees of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and the four other Chinese companies working in collaboration with PAEC. The meeting was also attended by the officials from Chashma Hydel Power Plant. The strength of employees at PAEC exceeds twenty thousand in number and Zong plans to target this employee base with its products and services. Furthermore, there is huge potential for Enterprise products and solutions as well.
The participants of the meeting included:


Mr. Muhammad Berkat Ullah                     Director, Govt. & Corporate Sales and Services (Zong)

Mr. Xu Ming Feng                                            National Manager Chinese Accounts (Zong)

Mr. Osman Sheikh                                           Regional Manager, Govt. & Corporate Sales and Services (Zong)

Mr. Saeed Ur Rehman                                   GM, Chashma Nuclear Power Plants

Mr. Asif Jamil                                                     DG, Kundian Nuclear Power Plant


The following package has been introduced for the employees of PAEC:
ZONG 4G Premium Discount Package for PAEC Employees





5000 Free Minutes/Month (With in the group)
35% Line Rent discount
15% Discount On Billing 30 Second Pulse 50% Discount on all Mobile Broadband Devices 10%                    Discount on Data Bundles





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