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Seminar To “Promote Safe Carriage Of Petroleum

Seminar To “Promote Safe Carriage Of Petroleum

 Lahore: 10th November, 2016 – Automobile Corporation of Pakistan (AUTOCOM), in collaboration with government regulatory authorities, leading Oil Marketing Companies and renowned national/international experts, will hold a seminar on “Promoting Safety on Carriage of Petroleum Products by Road” on Friday, 11th November, 2016, at Movenpick Hotel, Karachi.Autocom is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of road-transport solutions, manufactured on UN ADR Standards, for the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road. These products create more efficient and safer supply-chains. The company focuses immensely on road safety and has taken various initiatives in this regard. It has worked with government authorities for the promotion of safety on roads among fleet drivers and haulers of leading local and international companies, so that precious lives and property are saved. Autocom has also worked with leading OMCs such as HASCOL Petroleum Limited, Shell Pakistan Limited and Total Pakistan Limited for the implementation of road tanker standards made by OGRA.The seminar will comprise of prominent speakers including Dr. Rashid Jooma, along with senior representatives of NHA, OGRA and the CEO of the Engineering Development Board.  In addition to this, international guest speakers will include experts who will be flying in from Holland, Italy, Spain and Poland.  The objective of the seminar is to raise awareness about the importance of using safe and certified equipment, when carrying dangerous cargo.  Oil Marketing Companies are eager to share their experiences and success stories regarding road safety compliance. The session will culminate with a pledge to understand that all OMCs will make collective efforts, and assiduously implement the OGRA 2009 rules that set safety-standards for road vehicles.


Automobile Corporation of Pakistan (AUTOCOM) has been long known for providing transport solutions for efficient supply chain to a huge list of renowned customers. AUTOCOM has pioneered the adaptation of Semi-trailers in Pakistan. We also take pride in bringing UN ADR Standards for the carriage of dangerous goods to Pakistan by building fuel tankers for various oil marketing companies. With the success of such vehicles, ACP has confidently diversified its expertise and ventured into various other superstructures such refuelers, garbage compactors and municipal vehicles. We are constantly striving to bring excellence in our products, services and quality of our work. We have also taken the initiative of equipping our company with the most powerful ERP tool in order to enhance efficiency, productivity and improve quality at workplace. We have constructed over 2,500 trailers with certified imported components over 5 decades. Our technology partner from the inception was Industrie Cometto of Italy. Today, AUTOCOM brand is built with the strength of a multi-disciplinary engineering team, a 24/7 after sales service and in-house engineering strict quality control. We are also thankful to our export customers for choosing AUTOCOM trailers and tank trucks.

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