Smartphones emerging as Major  Shopping Tools in Pakistan

Smartphones emerging as Major Shopping Tools in Pakistan

In April 2010, iPads were introduced by Steve Jobs, and he famously said that mobile devices will soon replace laptops and computers. In other words, he believed that mobile devices will become powerful tools that people will use daily. Today, we can see that his prediction was actually true. With the technological era growing, the internet, followed by mobile devices has transformed the way businesses and consumers relate together.

Online shopping in Pakistan is growing and most businesses now depend on their internet and mobile devices to reach their customers. Likewise, Consumers prefer to use their mobile phones to search for products and buy them at once. Recently, mobile advertising agencies in Pakistan conducted a survey to observe the usage pattern in Pakistan. It showed that devices like smart phones and tablets have taken over conventional devices like laptops and desktops. Now, it’s a challenge for e-commerce companies to work towards transforming their business to a mobile based one.

Here are some key findings that show how Smartphone’s emerge as major tools for buying online in Pakistan.

Mobile commerce is rising in Pakistan since there are many consumers who like to do their shopping online from their mobiles rather than their laptops. For many it is easier to carry their mobiles around and access Pakistani shopping websites easily. E-commerce companies in Pakistan are working towards capitalizing this trend and many have made it easier to reach their customers by creating their apps. Apart from apps, they make their websites mobile-friendly, allowing customers to visit their site and browse through products swiftly.

About 60% of traffic on major retail companies such as Kaymu and even newly launched small shopping sites such as Getnow,is being generated by smart phones. The festive and national holidays have become periods of fierce competition for most retailers in Pakistan. Various e-commerce websites launch mega sales a few days before the festive periods, thus launching a war among brands. With smart phones, thousands of customers get the chance to explore brands at the click of a button.

It is well-known that people move around with their smart phones throughout the day. On average, about 40% people use other devices like laptops or computers while they are home. This means that consumers can interact with brands easily on more than one device. Making it a challenge for e-commerce companies to provide the exact same experience across more screens.

Moreover, it also reduced the effort of people moving from one store to another. It saves energy, money and time. Pakistan shopping websites like Daraz offer numerous top brands. Features like Cash-on-Delivery, 7 day return warranty, and free home delivery they offer are options that customers find attractive and shop at once for branded products.

Smart phones are emerging as major shopping tools in Pakistan. As such, in the next few years, the percentage of m-commerce is expected to rise.



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