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PEL LIMITLESS Summit 2018 – Innovating lives across the nation

PEL LIMITLESS Summit 2018 – Innovating lives across the nation

PEL, otherwise known as Pak Elektron Limited, has a tremendous journey to share.

In 1981, the Saigol Group acquired PEL-a power equipment provider, transforming it into Pakistan’s favorite home appliance brand. Since then, PEL has been providing homes in Pakistan with not just functional appliances- but appliances which help change lives!


The organization aims to stay ‘limitless’ and go beyond expectations of stakeholders to achieve accelerated market share. PEL’s annual celebration includes a gathering for dealers. But this time around, PEL celebrated the biggest ever Summit at the Grand Ball Room – PEL LIMITLESS, at Pearl Continental Hotel (PC), Lahore on 21st January 2018. Over 1500 participants attended the event from all over the country.


PEL Limitless Summit 2018 is a platform to bring the PEL family together and launch various innovative appliances for its consumers.


PEL Limitless Summit 2018 showcased the upcoming products for its consumers, and meticulously demonstrated key new innovations for the customers to experience.

The products revealed included:


PEL InverterON Refrigerators – featuring BLDC compressors, the world’s lowest startup voltage compressors that can start up on as low as 100V. In addition to this the new series boasts 4x tougher shelves for heavy weight sustainability and annual savings on your electricity bill by upto PKR 5,000.


PEL Arctic Fresh Refrigerators – come fully equipped with the cool blast and LUMI Fresh technology. This enables your refrigerators to keep your vegetables fresh and provide a 20% extra cooling due to high speed fans inside. The built-in deodorizer keeps your items odor free and fresh.

PEL Life & Desire Glass Door Series – features some of the most beautiful designed refrigerators in the world, something that PEL appliances are known for. In addition to their exquisite designs, the series offers the only condensers that are 99.9% pure copper. With the fast freeze feature, these refrigerators can create ice in just 25 mins. They also use ABS cabinets which are made with food friendly plastic that is extremely healthy and hazard free.

PEL Majestic Air Conditioners – come fully equipped with high quality T3 compressors that work even in 52 Degrees to provide maximum cooling. With the Fin Cure technology, the plates for fins are made of gold which is rust free and the Blue Fins technology provide auto cleaning and premium air purification.


PEL Aero, Allure, Apex, Ace & Fit Series – are PEL’s new range of inverter air conditioners that come with the A+++ technology that allows them to operate on as low as 2.5 amperes. This also allows them to start up on minimum voltage, as low as 140 V, and the hyper cooling feature enables them to cool within 30 seconds. They also enable customers to save up to 60% on their energy savings.


PEL Convection Microwaves – offer four dimension heating (4D), making sure your food is evenly warmed. They come fully equipped with additional functionality such as grill function, pizza plate function and express cooking. The Convection series is a masterpiece of elegant designing with top notch innovation, a must for every household.


In addition to these PEL also unveiled their new range of Deep Freezers with the InverterON, Arctic ProFreeze, Arctic Slider and the Arctic Crystal Series.


Equipped with innovative features providing hot, cool and room temperature options; Smart and Premier series of Water Dispensers  were also unveiled leaving the audience stunned.


The event was full of fun filled activities including musical performances by various artists, followed by stand-up comedy by renowned comedians. The PEL Limitless Summit 2018 is one of the many events through which PEL aims to showcase how they intend to keep innovating their consumers’ lives by launching groundbreaking products in the coming years. PEL is committed to changing lives across the nation.

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