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Dawlance Solar Express moving Pakistan into the Future

Dawlance Solar Express moving Pakistan into the Future

Built on the latest technology standards, Pakistan’s No.1 home appliance brand brings energy efficient

appliances for its consumers.

Karachi. April 11, 2018: Dawlance – Pakistan’s no.1 home appliances brand, has created the Dawlance Solar
Express – a colorfully branded truck that will display invertor and non-invertor models of Refrigerator and Chest
Freezers, powered by solar-energy. The aim of this activation is to introduce the energy efficient range of
Dawlance refrigerators and chest freezers, which are meant to impact the monthly electricity bill equivalent to that
of two energy savers.
This vibrant float embarks on a two-month long journey from Karachi to Peshawar, carrying the energy efficient
appliances of Dawlance. It is designed to create awareness among the masses about the benefits of hi-tech
invertor machinery that can run on solar power.
Navigating across more than 43 cities of Pakistan, and demonstrating the appliances that promise unmatched
conservation of energy, the Dawlance solar express is a first of its kind initiative, ever to be introduced by a home
appliance manufacturer in Pakistan.
The devices displayed on the Dawlance Solar Express will be solely powered through a single Solar-Panel
generating 300 watts, while mounted on the roof of this truck. Each of these appliance consume less electricity
than two energy-savers bulbs, thus giving unbelievable economy in utility bills. These new refrigerators and chest
freezers are built on high efficiency compressor and comes with an enhanced body with improved insulation that
gives better cooling retention.
Solar-power technology is the most sustainable and environment-friendly solution, that promises an endless
source of energy. It can reduce the world’s reliance on rapidly-depleting fossil-fuel reserves.
Dawlance Head of Marketing – Hasan Jamil stated, “Dawlance has positioned itself to achieve this new milestone in
innovation by offering noticeable savings on electric bills for its consumers and the country at large. The Solar
Express is an ambassador of the revolutionary technologies that Dawlance has created, to help the nation in
reducing its energy-consumption, while the consumers get consistent performance from their reliable home
appliances, to lead a comfortable and prosperous life.”
“The move has been designed not only to upgrade our millions of esteemed customers to the new technology
standards on offer but also to benefit from the tremendous savings with these refrigerators and chest freezers
which will have an impact of as low as 2 energy savers on the monthly electricity bills,” he added.
This campaign will also eliminate several misperceptions in the society, as it will prove that the new power-saving
technologies are actually lower in prices, with much lesser maintenance costs in the long-run. Dawlance Solar
Express, is a testament against these misconceptions, as it will demonstrate the amazing benefits of power-saving
appliances that can run on minimum solar power.
Arçelik Dawlance is committed to extensive Research & Development, deploying teams of technology experts in
numerous countries, including; Turkey, Thailand, Romania, and South-Africa, to help develop revolutionary
products and home appliances. Dawlance has a deep understanding of the Pakistani market and life-styles. Hence
it has always been successful in introducing cutting-edge technologies to meet the evolving needs of the
consumers in this country.

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