Pakistani “Mobile Phone Businesses” Find the Biggest Online Sales Channel: Shoplus

Pakistani “Mobile Phone Businesses” Find the Biggest Online Sales Channel: Shoplus

Pakistani “Mobile Phone Businesses” Find the Biggest Online Sales Channel: Shoplus

Founded by Cheez Group, a Chinese e-commerce expert, Shoplus has become the first choice of thousands of mobile phone distributors as well as retailers to trade in and out online. It is now the biggest online B2B portal for mobile phone & accessories in Pakistan market.


While the term e-commerce refers to all online transactions, B2C stands for “Business-to-Consumer”, B2B stands for “Business-to-Business” and applies to any business or organization that wholesales its products to retail shops over the internet.



Shoplus now has more than 10,000 active retail shops continuously ordering from the platform, as well as 200 big merchants across multiple regions. More than 20 mobile phone brands are trading on Shoplus, including many world famous players.


Zeb Khan, Cheezmall’s CEO, says the firm wants to “build bridges” for a better free retail market in Pakistan. “We want to enable business in Pakistan, from renowned mobile phone brands to plenty varieties of accessories, to grow both vendor’s and retailer’s business further.”


There has been an increasing trend for both vendors and retailers to take advantage of trading on Shoplus platform. “Shoplus has become one of the largest trading portals in Pakistan for our B2B market. We used to work with local and international vendors, help them develop an emerging e-commerce way to grow their business. We felt an enormous demand ever since, after a few attempts, Shoplus recently launched a brand new Seller Center. With simple registration process and helpful guidelines, vendors will be able to start selling products online, and for our numerous retailers all over Pakistan, they don’t need to waste any time to find out all the deals they are exactly looking for, only with several clicks,” says Mr. Zeb.


Shoplus has enabled vendors to exploit opportunities to sell in remote regions without the need to set up a physical presence. “Shoplus has an outstanding logistics team, our self-delivery service now can cover almost 90% area of Punjab. For orders to be shipped in the same city, Shoplus can fulfill it within just 3 hours,” Mr. Zeb added.



Retailers are also using Shoplus to merge their offline channels with online purchasing, and are finding ways to get the hang of e-commerce surprising deals which hardly can be found in a physical store.


“Technology is altering how retailers will need to run the business in a more complicated market environment. More and more B2C online shops have largely changed the way consumers used to do shopping. Competition among shops in the mobile phone market is even more intense now,” He says.


Many retailers start to use e-commerce as a way to adapt to the market changes. “I can see variety of products at very good wholesale prices on Shoplus website. Now I do not need to worry about inventory’s availability or delivery, as Shoplus delivers my orders within 12 hours.” Says Mumtaz Hussain, owner of MG Mobiles in Lahore.



Traditional businessmen need to keep up with technology or be left behind, Fortunately, e-commerce portal like Shoplus has offered a solution that is essential for both vendors and retailers, making trading more transparent and efficient while retaining the trust between them.


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