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Graduate Night 2018: The culmination of a beautiful journey

Graduate Night 2018: The culmination of a beautiful journey

LUMS graduate night 2018 was an exhibition of high emotions, great achievements and the milestones achieved by the students of the Class of ‘18.


After gruelling studies, assignments, exams, projects, CPs and society events, the students are entering a new phase of life. These years are of great significance in a student’s life. Students define their fate during this crucial time; make close friends and learning new things every day.

LUMS celebrated the close of this exciting chapter in the students’ lives with a befitting celebration – the Graduate Night. Students got together with staff and faculty to celebrate their achievements and reminisced about their highs and lows at LUMS.


The night started with a warm welcome to the graduating batch by the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. S. Sohail H. Naqvi, who is also bidding farewell to LUMS this year. He addressed the students with positive remarks on their performance and wished them good luck for their future. The speech was followed by welcoming remarks from the student council.

The evening proceeded with award distribution ceremony. Students were awarded for their efforts during the programme duration.  The students looked radiant, dressed up in formal attire and enjoyed every moment of the exciting night. They shared the stage with each other with love and acceptance for fellow students. Most of the students were overwhelmed by emotions.

The Dean’s Honour Roll Awards were also presented later on, to the best performing students of the batch. The Deans also spoke to the students and congratulated them on completion of their studies and for performing spectacularly in the exams. He also acknowledged the hard work that students put into their research and learning.


The evening concluded with students celebrating their success, taking pictures with faculty and staff and sharing selfies of their last moments of the ending to an excellent era.

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