CEO Zong 4G Says, “Innovation Driven Digital Transformation is Imperative for Telecom companies” At MWC 2019, Barcelona Spain

CEO Zong 4G Says, “Innovation Driven Digital Transformation is Imperative for Telecom companies” At MWC 2019, Barcelona Spain

As the Mobile World Congress 2019 kicks off in Barcelona, Chairman and CEO, Zong 4G, Mr. Wang Hua addressed the world’s industry experts and leaders at the forum on ‘Accelerating Digital Transformation’. Speaking at the forum he shared, “Digital transformation is no longer a multiple-choice question, but a must-answer.”

Mr. Wang Hua highlighted that automated provisioning and insight driven service delivery is an imperative for telecom companies’ excellence. Customers and enterprises are moving towards digital solutions, hence creating a dynamic digital ecosystem.

With digitalization permeating every aspect of human life, the very DNA of the communication industry has evolved. Digital transformation of telecom operators, including business transformation, operation transformation, network transformation, and the corresponding organizational transformation, has become pivotal for Mobile Network Operators.

“Simply speaking, business transformation is to innovate business models to quickly develop new services on demand. Operation transformation focuses on controlling costs and improving operational efficiency. Network transformation is a cloud-based and software-defined converged network evolution, which is more agile and flexible to support business development.” Said Mr. Wang Hua

Through these insights and a focus on agile and precise 4G deployment, the company aims to achieve process collaboration, operation optimization, and technological innovation. With digitally transformative operations, the company is affirming its position as Pakistan’s No.1 Data Network. As the largest and most widespread 4G network, Zong 4G is at the forefront of digital revolution in Pakistan.

Being the only operator with positive growth in the daily recharge and the only operator with net positive port ins, Zong 4G is continuously and consistently building on its 4G leadership for efficient service delivery. With its digital transformation strategy, Zong 4G is future ready and is exploring all facets to provide best-in-class services and solutions to millions of Pakistani digital citizens.

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