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Wateen Telecom sacked 2 directors in mega corruption scandal

The leading internet and IT service provider UAE-based company Wateen Telecom has removed its two directors for mega corruption scandal. The company also directed to deport both Adeel Bajwa and Tauqeer Ahmad to immediately from UAE.
The reliable sources of Wateen Telecom confirmed that both the directors have sacked by the
management due to involved in corruption and malpractices.
According to details, they alleged that they have leaked secret information of the company to the USA firm to mint the huge money as bribery.
Chief Executive Officer of Wateen Telecom Limited Rizwan Ali Tiwana has said that we
accepted the resignation of Head of Finance Department Aqib Zulfiqar who tendered the
resignation for his own personal reasons. The company runs as usual in Pakistan and Wateen
Telecom Pakistan received the removal order of directors.
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