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The US government has shut down the well-known Chinese company, which has more than 21% mobile phone users worldwide

The US government has shut down the well-known Chinese company, which has more than 21% mobile phone users worldwide. The US government has closed the US government due to security concerns. In this regard, American law enforcement agencies have ordered US companies to instantly As a whole ended the agreement with the Chinese company and the airline and mobile network was being given before the service, they immediately suspended the US government’s decision to make millions of consumers who had a mobile phone.

Trouble will face and YouTube and Gmail with their Google Play Gmail Mail Watts app The company formally admitted to it rusz would not have even been And the company has said in its press releases that it will provide new software and new services to its customers soon, on the other hand, the US government and the secret agencies have taken steps against Chinese company that China has made all the American China and China were insisting on media and social media, while China itself was intelligence through mobile phones worldwide, on which the US government ordered its companies to terminate the relationship with the airline mobile phone immediately. I am also using more than two million mobile phone users, PTA POSSIBLE Sources of Telecom Authority said that mobile phones were being used for mobile phones on mobile phones.
And all the users now have to give new software either by airline mobile phone, if it does not happen, all their phones will not be super service messengers, the sources of the PTI have said that the matter And this matter is between Google and Yahoo! it does not involve any Pakistani government and any Pakistani government, where press releases have been issued by the airline in Pakistan, it has also been acknowledged that Huawei Pakistan is offering new software services for the users as soon as possible. Most of the selling mobile phones in Pakistan Harias has said that millions of rupees of the company are available in the mobile phone market
In this context, the company should announce its implementation immediately so that consumers do not create further difficulties, they have said that any kind of notification dealers or users regularly have the official way by the airline mobile phone. It has not been issued nor has anyone taken us into confidence. He has said that the way the business of billions of rupees this business is doing is eliminating itself, it is also sad because the Huawei mobile phone company wanted it. That he regularly takes self-dealers and Pakistani people to trust

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