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Evercare Hospital Lahore Opens

Pakistan’s first LEED Gold certified hospital will provide state of the art suite of services to patients

June 27, 2019 – Lahore – Today marked the opening of Evercare Hospital Lahore, a new private multi-specialty healthcare facility based in Wapda Town that will commence operations this month. The hospital is Pakistan’s first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment) Gold certified facility in the country. The hospital aims to be the leading provider of affordable and quality healthcare to the citizens of Lahore and its catchment areas.

The hospital has been designed and equipped to best practice with regards to infection control and patient safety by reputed local and international consultants. The hospital’s policies have been developed in line with international standards for patient safety and aims to be the first commercially operated hospital in Lahore to receive Joint Commission International (JCIA) accreditation. Amongst one of the few full-suite tertiary care facilities in Lahore, Evercare Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and led by an experienced management team with local and international experience.


“Evercare was built on the belief that we could bring much needed integrated healthcare services to markets that needed it. Evercare Hospital Lahore is an example of that strategy put into practice, bringing a vital suite of services to patients across the region, and elevating the standard of care,” said Andrew Currie, Chief Operating Officer of Evercare.


The facility comprises of 270 inpatient beds, 9 operating rooms. 2 cardiac catheter labs, 4 delivery suites, 2 endoscopy suits, adult and neonatal critical care services and dialysis. As a patient-led facility, the hospital’s patients will be offered quality care through qualified consultants, nurses, paramedical and support staff, most of whom have received international training and qualifications.


Evercare Hospital Lahore has also partnered with the Islamabad Diagnostics Centre (IDC) to establish a best in class diagnostics facility at the hospital, offering comprehensive radiology and pathology services on a 24/7 basis. IDC has a presence across 10 cities in Punjab, received numerous awards, certifications and accolades, and is also a trusted partner with the Government in providing affordable and high-quality lab services across 3 rural districts in Punjab. It has received CAP (College of American Physician) Certification and is also the recipient of the Quality Medical Service Award from the National Health Services Department in 2018.


Both Evercare Hospital Lahore and IDC are part of The Evercare Group, formed in 2015. The Evercare Group comprises of hospitals and clinics across Nigeria, Kenya and India. Today, the Group consists of 26 hospitals, 45 diagnostics centers and 18 clinics, having established over 4,100 beds and treating more than 1.8 million patients a year across the platform.


The Evercare Group globally is managed by TPG, a global private equity firm managing assets of over US$108 billion, and is supported by The Rise Fund, a global $2 billion impact investing fund that invests in growth businesses that are poised for financial success alongside the creation of positive social and environmental impact. The Rise Fund’s key outcomes are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Existing investors in Evercare include some of the world’s leading development finance institutions and investment organizations.


Evercare Hospital Lahore’s services include:



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