It’s mid year 2019 and PIA has yet again announced yet another first! PIA recently announced their first complete A Check maintenance in Islamabad on the first A320 (AP BLB) in the newly constructed hanger (PCAA 145 standard).

It is great to see that the airline has finally shifted gears to fast speed. For those who have been following PIA closely and have an understanding of aviation, will recognise that these steps are indicative of the positive change that we have been witnessing in PIA for months. Whether it is all fleet restored and flying, expanding networks, improved flight operations and scheduling, or in-flight hospitality including meals and crew care PIA is looking brighter than it ever has in many many decades. With direct flights to New York reopening and increase in direct flights to Europe, Islamabad is well on its way to serving as a hub for PIA.


The maintenance facilities at Islamabad are a big feat for PIA, as previously they had to fly all the aircraft back to Karachi for periodic or scheduled maintenance purposes. Completing A Check (done after every 750 flying hours) at Islamabad will result in big savings on costs and time. PIA Engineers are highly skilled and have the capability to service the best of the aircrafts in the world. The PIA engineering and maintenance facilities at Islamabad Airport will support the airline tremendously as it plans to use Islamabad as a major hub for airline operations consequent to the shift in demand towards Northern parts of the country.


An increase in PIA flights from Islamabad for Gulf, UK, Europe and North America is envisioned very soon and these will require maintenance facilities. The capability of the engineers is evident from the success restoration of all 777s and the full fleet of PIA now flying in the air!


Looking forward to hearing more good news from PIA!

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