Now say goodbye to all your charging woes with Infinix Hot 8 Big Battery of 5000mAh

Now say goodbye to all your charging woes with Infinix Hot 8 Big Battery of 5000mAh

The latest Infinix Hot 8, successor to the Hot 7 Pro, is believed to be a phone that will make its users forget all their charging woes. Infinix Hot 8 comes with a massive 5000mAh battery promising a long-lasting user experience like never before.

Infinix Hot series have gained quite a lot of popularity since they were first introduced by the brand. The advanced features such as powerful batteries, beautiful display quality and astonishing camera performance is what makes the Hot series stand out from the crowd

Hot 8 is designed to help people stay connected with their loved ones 24/7. It is designed for those who want to game and binge-watch their favorite seasons without worrying about charging their phone.

Infinix understands the anxiety of having to charge your phone when you are in middle of something important and you get the low battery notification. Infinix also understands how precious your time is and it should not be wasted on charging. To address both these issues, Infinix came up with 5000mAh battery and fast-charge technology on this smartphone. Yes you read that right, the phone supports 2A fast charge technology. Just imagine the amount of screen time you’ll get on this beast without running out of juice.

But that’s not all. With Hot 8 controlled power consumption, you can now get a 10% increase in overall standby time. The battery lab adopting AI helps conserving the power without compromising your experience. So stay charged all the time as Infinix has got you covered from all sides.

With a battery of such capacity, you can go days without charging your phone. You can game more, watch more and talk more thanks to the massive 5000mAh battery. You get a 25.4 days of standby time, web surfing time on WIFI around 18.6H and on GPRS 15.9H, 14H video playback and 11.7H of gaming, fantastic isn’t it? The phone will enable its users to use it for a maximum of four days on normal and maximum of two days on heavy usage.

If you want similar experience from other brands, you would be paying a lot more. So, being budget-friendly makes this device a hot favorite of everyone.

Hot 8 Lite is expected to come with a price tag of somewhere around 10,000-15,000 PKR. Hot 8(2+32GB) is expected to come with a price range of 15,000-20,000 PKR. While Hot 8(4GB+64GB) will come in the price range of 20,000-25,000 PKR.


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