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Statement alerting patients and health care professionals of NDMA found in samples of ranitidine

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Zantac, stomach acidity and related discomforts medicine contain an element called N-Nitrosodimethyla¬mine (NDMA) which can cause cancer to human body.
We live in a society where we prefer international products rather than local ones because they promise quality and safety through the prices are much higher than local products. GSK, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world is producing medicines which can cause cancer to the human body.

Zantac, Ranitidine drug, sell-by GSK in Pakistan. As an international company, GSK should follow Safety measures and international protocol to ensure the quality and safety of people. The government should also put some regulations and restrictions on productions of such drugs and monitor such company’s actions as what chemicals they are using in the production of their medicines.
We need to be aware of before consuming any medicine. We should do proper research because companies like GSK can do anything to fill their pockets. Therefore the government should take proper measure to avoid such happening in the near future. Since the news just got upfront, we don’t know how many cancer caused by these medicines already. Spread this message to aware people. #Gsk #Zanatac #Cancer #cancerkillsatonce #GskZantacCancer #Pakistan #careforfriendsandfamily #lahore #karachi #islamabad #multan #faisalabad #gujranwala #peshawar

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