Enablers has set up its very first Incubation Center in UMT

Enablers has set up its very first Incubation Center in UMT

Lahore : Enablers has set up its very first Incubation Center in UMT, Lahore as a part of Enablers 2020 Vision. MOU has been signed between the management of UMT and Enablers, and both parties are all set to go.

Enablers’ 2020 Vision is to discover future possibilities and Enable people of Pakistan. The CEO of Enablers, Mr. Saqib Azhar aims to create 2 MILLION jobs in three years. To progress further towards his goal, Enablers has planned to establish incubations centers in all universities of Pakistan for empowering our youth.

With the progress of the eCommerce industry in Pakistan, the demand for individuals who can provide administrative support has also been increased. To meet this demand and to achieve the goal of creating 2 Million Jobs in three years, Enablers has come up with the innovative idea of creating incubation centers at universities all over Pakistan where Enablers’ Amazon and eCommerce experts will share their knowledge and experience with the students and help them discover facts about the biggest International eCommerce Platform, Amazon.

University students are more zestful, dreaming to achieve big goals in their life. But there are not many opportunities out there in the market, and even if they manage to get a job, it will not be according to their caliber. Fresh graduates and Masters lack experience because of their studies due to which finding a good job for them is quite difficult.

Well, if you are a university student and worried about your future, then Enablers is here to rescue you!

Enablers plan to set up Incubation Centers in universities for the convenience of students. In these centers, students will get the most up-to-date and advanced training sessions under the supervision of Enablers’ Amazon experts and successful Amazon sellers, without causing any hindrance in their studies. They will train bachelors and postgraduates about building their own Amazon FBA business and how to be a virtual assistant so that in the future, they can provide freelancing services.

This training will help students to start freelancing jobs along with studies, stand on their own feet, help them in their future endeavors, and assist them in getting highly paid Amazon-related jobs in the future. Not only this, but they can also build their own Amazon FBA business in the future or become a member of the Enablers team, helping Enablers Team in enabling others like them.

Right now, Enablers has set up its first incubation center at UMT, but looking at the motivation of Enablers Team, we are sure that soon their incubation centers will be in all universities of Pakistan.

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