Precautions Against Coronavirus!

Precautions Against Coronavirus!

Smartlink Technologies is determined to flatten the curve by taking necessary safety measures and appealing everyone to follow the safety precautions suggested by Government of Pakistan so that we can together win this war against COVID-19.

COVID-19 is rapidly spreading in all around the world and recent stats highlight that even in Pakistan this virus is spreading. So to cater this emerging situation, Smartlink Technologies is closely monitoring the situation and till now is fully operational.

Here are some of the precautionary measure which are being practiced by team every day.

  1. Packaging

Our warehouse team is highly concerned about the cleanliness of the warehouse and recently our whole warehouse is being sprayed with anti-bacterial chemicals. Our all warehouse employees first sanitize their hands before entering the warehouse then they wear gloves and masks, and then they start their work. All the packing material and product boxes are first sanitized with wipes and then we pack them.

  1. Deliveries and Collections

We are in continuous contact with our Logistics partners and they are already making several arrangements by providing special trainings to their staff, providing face masks and gloves to wear when delivering your orders. Warehouses and transports of our logistics partners are also being sprayed with anti-bacterial chemicals.


  1. Payments

As per WHO, there is no evidence that banknotes transmit the virus. However, your safety is our utmost priority so we encourage customers to use digital options available on (i.e. Credit / Debit Card), is offering digital payments solutions to minimize the risk of Covid-19 due to this currency exchange.  In addition if you use cash for payment then as a measure of safety, we would recommend you to wash your hands thoroughly after being in contact with banknotes.


Your safety is our biggest concern so stay home and be safe!

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