Changan Automobiles introduced the ‘protective cars technology’ in its product ranges

Changan Automobiles introduced the ‘protective cars technology’ in its product ranges

As the recent COVID-19 pandemic grips the world, increasingly the need to integrate health and safety systems in today’s automobiles has never been greater. Changan Automobiles, China’s leading auto manufacturer, has always led the field with its superior technology. Now, Changan Automobiles is offering drivers cars equipped with ‘PM0.1’ air filters. These air filters are designed to not only provide protection against fine dust and pollution, but they are also equipped with a high-efficiency composition anti-virus filter. In addition to purifying the air, this unique feature will help drivers’ combat viruses and bacteria, helping drivers and passenger enjoy a pollution-free and a healthy journey.

Changan Automobiles has set-up these protective cars in order to help its customers fight against the global pandemic – COVID-19. Changan has always provided its customers with new and modern features, and has always looked to meet the specific demands or the needs of its customers. This ‘PM 0.1’ filter is the perfect example of commitment. With over eight design centers across the globe, research and development have always been a core component of Changan Automobiles, with over 10% of revenue invested into R&D. It’s no surprise that Changan Automobiles is not only known for its intelligent vehicles in China but also holds a world record for an autonomous driving automobile.

Pakistani drivers can also soon expect to see a range of Changan personal vehicles at their disposal. Changan Master Motors, which has until recently dominated the local industry for commercial vehicles, will be launching a variety of passenger cars at accessible price ranges, and with the latest features. With China’s leading automobile manufacturer, the leader in automotive technology, Pakistani consumers will soon have access to some of the world’s best automobiles.

Changan holds the title of top-selling domestic Chinese automotive brand. With more than 32 years of experience, Changan Automobiles is a Chinese state-owned enterprise that is considered a first-mover in the Chinese auto industry with annual sales of above 3 million units. The Changan brand is synonymous for technologically advanced vehicles, and Changan Master Motors is committed to bringing this to the people of Pakistan, with a promise of providing the most beautiful design and technologically advanced vehicles in their class at an accessible price point. Pakistani consumers will now have choices and be able to afford the features and safety they have always dreamed of.


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