The Newly Released Infinix Note 7 Boasts Superior Videography Capabilities for Visually-oriented Users

The Newly Released Infinix Note 7 Boasts Superior Videography Capabilities for Visually-oriented Users

The Newly Released Infinix Note 7 Boasts Superior Videography Capabilities for Visually-oriented Users


Infinix has recently rolled out the new NOTE 7 series, and with a huge positive response from the market Note 7 is performing tremendously in terms of sales and customer feedback. With enhanced overall user experience Infinix Note 7 comes with a 48MP quad rear camera, 6GB and 128GB storage in a very competitive price tag of Rs. 28,999. Among all the key features NOTE 7 has, its video camera capabilities are undoubtedly one of the key highlights that can be regarded as “note-worthy”– It’s equipped with an assortment of videography modes that can create an impressive portfolio of video, including low-light camera, super stable action, and slow motion. NOTE 7 empowers users to capture the world around them with snippets of true-to-life high-quality footage.

NOTE 7’s 1080P Low-light Camera Makes All the Precious Moments Count, Even in the Dark

Shooting videos in low-light has never been this easy with NOTE 7’s outstanding low-light performance. With a 1080P low-light video camera recording at 30fps, pixel 2.8μm, it will be able to capture each detail and color even in the dark without the flash. The unique low-light video camera allows NOTE 7 stand out among other mobile products within its target market segment.

Users who love to record every precious moment in life can rely on NOTE 7 to capture all the subjects even in the darkness without disturbance–While taking a nightly walk, even the dim shine of moonlight reflected in dew collecting in blades grass can be recorded in its full splendor. Your dog’s endearing position when they fall asleep at night can be captured without disturbing their slumber. During birthday celebrations, the faces illuminated by the warm glow of candles atop the cake can be captured for future heartwarming reflection.


NOTE 7 Super Stabilized Action Shots Make Users Shoot Like a Pro  

Among NOTE 7 diverse shooting modes, super stabilized action shots is another highlight. It can be created by accurately sensing videos without the blur and shakiness, instantly immortalizing otherwise fleeting moments of fun. Users are presented with the power to take clear videos and “pause” the action for a brief moment. Even videos taken from a boat out on a rocky sea, a skiing fanatic jumping off a snowy slope, will be able to fully express the awe-inspiring motion of the moment with beautiful precision.


Vidhance, a prominent software developed by Imint, a Swedish company that originally developed the technology for military grade aerial shots, acts as the behind-the-scene hero and gives NOTE 7’s already impressive camera capabilities this powerful boost. It has a host of advanced algorithms that can be applied to cameras to enhance the quality of videography produced. Its Video Stablization encourages users to roam around and feel liberated, safe in the knowledge that the stabilization completely removes unintentional motion while only keeping the intentional parts – and all in real time.


Hong Ke, product senior director of Infinix Mobile, shared on his thoughts on the exciting partnership and its potential to spark inspirations within consumers, “Infinix is committed to providing great smartphone experiences with the industry’s latest innovative technology. Our partnership with Imint via the integration of Vidhance is testament to how deeply consumers can be inspired by unparalleled video enhancement technology to create fantastic visual experiences. We are looking forward to closely collaborating with Imint to spark more creativity in the future.”

Imint continues to redefine how people experience video on the devices they use most. “Smartphones and video are ubiquitous in modern life, whether for sharing through social media, or real-time communication. As video-based content creation and communication continue their proliferation, we are developing tools that will unleash the next wave of creativity and human connection.” commented Andreas Lifvendahl, Chief Executive Officer of Imint.

The addition of Vidhance software greatly elevates the quality of the produced content and creates an even better end-user camera experience on NOTE 7, allowing visually-oriented users to indulge in a world of creativity.

NOTE 7’s Slow Motion Function Gives Users the Chance to Experience Even More of Life’s Beauty

NOTE 7 is equipped with the ability to take slow motion videography, which allows users to bear witness to incredible events that they never would have been able to see themselves, such as the spray of rainbow-tinted liquid as a bubble pops, or the surface tension of water wrapping around a fish as it emerges from a pond. Slow motion has the ability to create more emotional and romantic videography, as it allows hyper focus on only a few seconds of reality. In an increasingly fast-paced world, with NOTE 7 slow motion video function, users will find it refreshing to slow things down and appreciate life’s beauty for a few seconds.

Users will no doubt be inspired by their ‘newly-developed’ shooting ability to capture scenes and moments even in notoriously difficult situations thanks to NOTE 7. The NOTE 7’s video camera lens acts as a window to the future of creativity and opens the door to previously untold possibilities, just as Infinix has always aimed to bring “the future” to its consumers living in the “now”.

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