Brave Gym x Mistore: Opportunity to Hone Your Basic Reflexes

Brave Gym x Mistore: Opportunity to Hone Your Basic Reflexes

Brave Gym and fitness partner Mi is all set to promote our first-ever event in Lahore to encourage new talent. The event “3rd Wrld Fight League” comprises live fights of young fighters who will compete for the first time and get a chance to show off some of their skills with their teammates. We’ve compiled to offer tones of knowledge to young adults who are interested to pursue this sport as a profession but aren’t familiar with the basic fighting intricacies of professional fighting styles.


Fortunately, the successful collaboration of Brave Gym and Mi has encouraged several emerging young fighters across Punjab to improve their skills through this event. We offered them a high-level professional platform with proper coaching and training to learn different disciplines so that they could endeavor to become the biggest star in this sport. This event will become the foundation to illustrate how they can transform the techniques they gained into something visually interesting.

Through this beneficial partnership, we have not just opened a new door of opportunities for them, but it will help them get trained by professional fighters. This event will give them a better understanding of how a real fight looks like and will also prove to be a healthy character-building activity. The environment set up for them will prepare them to be more confident about their abilities as many emerging fighters will make their debut in this event.


It’s going to be an amazing tournament for the immature fighters as it will increase their fighting variations significantly used to control an opponent. We are playing a big role to encourage all young beings to participate in these events and activities without any discrimination. This event has been organized to provide an opportunity to promote physical fitness like any other sport.

We are striving to organize competition in the future, and we would like these young fighters to join us as core spectators to experience professional fights if they want to compete at the top level.





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