Covid-19 Has Changed Online Shopping Forever; Say, Experts

Covid-19 Has Changed Online Shopping Forever; Say, Experts

The outbreak of pandemic thorough out the world has brought tremendous changes, especially in E-commerce. According to researches, Covid-19 has changed the online shopping system forever. Due to this pandemic, the shift towards the digital world is accelerated.

The global shift towards online shopping is because the government has closed down the shops, malls, businesses, restaurants to stop the spread of the virus. As people are more confined to homes, they have shifted towards online shopping. Social distancing has further pushed the people towards e-commerce. In this way, the online shopping has much promoted throughout the world.

Supermarkets started delivering grocery items online to fulfill the needs of people, it helps them to make more profit. During the pandemic, people purchase food items from the restaurants online; this makes people aware of the ease of online shopping.

The changes in online shopping are long-lasting according to experts. Because even if the situations get back to normal, people will still be worried and avoid going out. Unless there are zero cases in a country people will go out less. Moreover, people have spent many months in the lockdown so, they have become habitual of online shopping. They are enjoying to shop while sitting at home and without the effort to visit the stores. This is why experts are sure that the changes in online shopping will last forever.

One of the facts that increase online shopping is that, as the news of the pandemic was declared by the World Health Organization, people started stocking up. They started stocking up medical supplies, hand sanitizers, masks, and household essentials like toilet paper, and bread. In this way, the ever-changing global situations of the pandemic have also changed the choices of people. People were hearing different bits of advice from different sources, so they started panic buying. As no one wants to be left behind without resources.

A survey of consumers found that 90% of shoppers are hesitant to shop from stores and 45% considered online shopping as a necessity for them during this global crisis. Another survey by Digital Commerce 360 found that 55% of online consumers said that they were ordering online more than they were doing before the pandemic breakout. Another report shows that skincare and beauty products seem to be 15% down during the lockdown than the rest of the year. Survey data showed that men are more affected by pandemic situations. They are more likely to fond of online shopping and avoid physical store shopping than women.

Despite the rise in online shopping during the coronavirus pandemic, there is a decrease in the average money spent per month because the people have focused more on buying the essentials.

In Pakistan, the growth of e-commerce during the pandemic has observed an incredible increase. Online shopping stores in Pakistan such as Getnow, Buyoye & Trylo have served great services to people in Pakistan, during the lockdown. Hope that this rapid increase in online shopping in Pakistan will be long-lasting.


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