International platforms praise TECNO Camon 16 for its remarkable Camera technology

International platforms praise TECNO Camon 16 for its remarkable Camera technology

Taking good pictures can be a hassle sometimes especially in these times of social media influence. To carry a good camera everywhere you go can be an additional burden. TECNO has come up with the solution for this and has introduced its CAMON 16 phones with an advanced TAIVOS camera technology. TECNO, the globally renowned smartphone brand, is known to always come up with the best quality products to cater to all requirements of its customers. TECNO can be seen as being internationally applauded and commended on various platforms.

CAMON 16 Premier is endorsed by many international media, tech experts, top KOLs, and top photography agencies. TECNO CAMON 16 Premier won Forbes for the first time “Most Innovative Camera Phone” Award. It was reviewed and praised for its great camera results and product quality not just by MIT Technology Review but also by the Associated Press, CNN, Daily Herald, and The Buffalo News.

TECNO CAMON 16 series conquered many industry’s Grade media and won GSMArena Android headlines Editor’s recommendation award. TECNO Pioneer Camera Phone CAMON 16, mentioned as a new era of imaging and was re-published in National Geographic and the Pearl of Photography – Mullama Magnum Photos. Top Global KOLs, including Ben’s gadget Review, unboxed CAMON 16 premier, and had great reviews about the camera technology and the overall performance of the phone.

The business world has come up with a principle of “Glocalization“, a combination of the words “globalization” and “localization.” A term used to describe products or services that are developed and distributed globally but can accommodate the local customers according to their requirements. This Glocalization has propelled TECNO into the ranks of the top global smartphone brands, and it outsells all others in Africa. In June 2020, TECNO stood fifth in African Business magazine’s rankings of the “most admired” brands in Africa, surpassing Apple.

TECNO is also making significant breakthroughs in markets such as India, Pakistan, Thailand, Colombia, and Ukraine. The company has established a global presence through more than 2,000 distributors and as many after-sales service points. Originally developed from African markets, TECNO now is growing into an international brand in the mid-range smartphone segment. The new TECNO CAMON 16 and 16 SE will soon be available in the Pakistani Markets and fans are eagerly looking forward to that.


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