OPPO’s Simple and Focused Strategy Provides High-Quality Products and Services to Consumers

OPPO’s Simple and Focused Strategy Provides High-Quality Products and Services to Consumers

It’s no wonder that technology is moving faster than consumers’ imagination. One breakthrough in technology today becomes outdated when new inventions are unveiled to the world. Many companies are the drivers of these innovative technological advancements. One such brand that has obtained the leading position over the past few years is OPPO. With an amazing pace of growth, OPPO is expected to continue to put more focus on high-end smartphone makers with its technological innovations and attractive high-end features.

The question here arises, what drives the company’s success?

The answer is quite simple – ‘Benfen’. Benfen stands on the vision of a user-oriented company that strives for perfection and works hard to achieve great results. In simple words, it’s focused on doing the right thing. The right thing that the brand believes needs to be done is to provide the employees and customers with the best experience to grow and learn from each other. OPPO formulates and practices global best strategies for work culture and employee ethics across markets.

OPPO believes that the crucial thing to do is to provide premium technology of the finest quality and pristine design to its users. OPPO conducts a series of extensive tests during the R&D and Manufacturing processes. These include drop tests in various environments and scenarios, waterproofing tests to test resistance to fluids, environmental resilience to test how the phone functions in extreme temperatures, as well as internal testing to test the phone for software bugs and glitches. This series of tests results in a device of the highest quality in design, user-friendliness, and durability.


Committed to its vision of providing reliable, fast, and comfortable services, the brand has its service centres situated at various locations across the country to provide an easy and quick fix in just one hour. OPPO’s attention on the end-to-end customer journey showcases that the brand is not just focused on selling the product or fixing the smartphones – it also focuses on building strong relationships throughout the customer journey. Building long-term customer relationships that solve problems and improve customers’ lives means that OPPO has to put resources into its system.

It’s not just the consumers that are connected to the product – employees as well.

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