PepsiCo expands ‘Access to Safe Water’ Program in Islamabad under Clean and Green Pakistan

Islamabad: Mr. Ali Nawaz Awan Special Assistant to Prime Minister for CDA Affairs inaugurated a rehabilitated water filtration facility in Islamabad. The refurbishment was facilitated by the international non-governmental organization, WaterAid, with support from global food and beverage company, PepsiCo. It is expected that approximately 9,000 people from and around Saidpur Village will directly benefit from the new facility.


This project is under PepsiCo’s commitment to the Clean and Green Pakistan Initiative launched by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. To support the ‘access to safe water’ pillar of the Clean and Green Pakistan Initiative, PepsiCo is working with WaterAid to provide safe water through extensive addition and refurbishments of water filtration plants.


Speaking at the inauguration Special Assistant to Prime Minister for CDA Affairs, Mr. Ali Nawaz Awan said, “There is nothing more essential than access to safe water. I appreciate this important collaboration between PepsiCo and WaterAid in supporting the Government in ensuring access to safe water to marginalized communities in the capital.”


Mr. Mohammad Khosa, Senior Director at PepsiCo said, “Access to safe water is essential for public health. In partnership with WaterAid, we are on a mission to enable access to safe water for communities across the country and specially for those impacted by the rapid urbanization we are experiencing. This is in line with our global commitment to provide access to safe water to 100 million people by 2030.’


Mr. Siddiq Khan Country Representative WaterAid Pakistan commented, “WaterAid Pakistan is committed to supporting Clean Green Pakistan Initiative by the Government of Pakistan and are happy that through this collaboration with PepsiCo we were able to reach vulnerable populations residing in the urban areas. PepsiCo and WaterAid Pakistan will continue to take initiative to provide access to safe water as part of the Clean Green Pakistan Movement.”


Increasing access to safe water is part of PepsiCo’s focus on continuing to integrate purpose into its business strategy and brands to become PepsiCo Positive – to deliver better outcomes for people and the planet, whilst enabling it to be a faster-growing and more resilient company. Through partnerships funded by The PepsiCo Foundation, the company’s philanthropic arm, PepsiCo has helped more than 55 million people gain access to safe water globally since 2006 and catalyzed nearly $700 million in additional funding to support safe water access investments in partnership with leading non-profits worldwide. The milestone marks significant progress towards PepsiCo’s goal of reaching 100 million people with safe water by 2030.


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