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PTCL celebrates International Women’s Day 2021

Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL), organized an interactive session on ‘Women in Leadership’ to celebrate International Women’s Day 2021, where Zahida Awan, Group Chief Legal Officer, PTCL & Ufone, addressed the female employees of PTCL and Ufone. The event promoted the international theme, #ChoosetoChallenge, where challenges promise a positive change.
This online interactive session covered key challenges faced by women in the world and Pakistan in particular and discussed ways to further improve workplace environment. Moreover, PTCL also recognized the achievements of women at leadership positions and key roles whether these women are serving as frontline workers in the medical teams at PTCL or domains such as ‘technology’ that are thought to be associated with a single gender.
On the occasion, Zahida Awan, Group Chief Legal Officer, PTCL & Ufone, said, “Organizations are now keener to break stereotypes to endorse a much more inclusive and diverse workplace for their female employee base. One such example is of Ufone and PTCL, where the art of being an equal opportunity employer has been perfectly displayed in the working environment. Conversations that will help break gender stereotypes typical to our society are promoted. An example of this could be the ‘Pink Club’ for all female employees across the PTCL Group which was established with the sole purpose of giving voice to female employees.”
To recognize and celebrate women in PTCL, a special campaign was also successfully launched across the nation where they were encouraged to share their inspiring stories. Women all across organization participated and shared their motivating success stories where they also attributed PTCL’s role in facilitating them. To provide an enabling work environment, PTCL took initiatives to facilitate women including daycare and working from home for two days in a month for the working mothers, amongst others.
The company celebrated this day with great zeal and enthusiasm to acknowledge the contributions of its female employees in the success of the company. This event is hosted every year where renowned and successful women from different walks of life share their experiences and talk about women empowerment.
PTCL, being a national company provides an equal opportunity and prospects for career growth across the country.

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