TECNO marks new sales records with the new Spark 7 Pro

TECNO marks new sales records with the new Spark 7 Pro

TECNO Mobile Pakistan goes up in the flames with the launch of Spark 7 Pro. The phone was launched yesterday on TECNO’s official Facebook page and has marked a new record in just one day. The brand has set new sales records with 5132 handsets being sold in just one hour of launch and went out of stock in one day while trending on top of Twitter and Google trends.

The high anticipations for the new Spark 7 Pro were no joke. People had been talking about the new Spark variant from TECNO for weeks before it was even announced. Bilal Munir, our favorite Tech YouTuber from VideoWaliSarkar, opened the live sale on TECNO’s official Facebook page and within just 10 minutes, the sale was stocked. TECNO sold 5132 Spark 7 Pro devices in just one hour. This was an immense number as the phone went out of stock the same day.


Moreover, TECNO Spark 7 Pro was the most tweeted phone on the launch day. It was trending No. 1 on Twitter with the hashtag #Spark7Pro. Not only this, Spark 7 Pro was top trending in the Google trends. These stats are enough to prove the hype TECNO has created with the new Spark 7 Pro.


The mid-range Spark Series successor, Spark 7 Pro comes with a powerful gaming processor of MediaTek Helio G80, supports a 90Hz refresh rate, and is equipped with a 48MP rear camera. The phone is available exclusively on Saamaan.pk at the price of only PKR/- 21,999. But if you buy within this week, you’ll be able to avail 1000PKR discount and FREE headphones. Whereas, in Ramadan, all the customers will get 1000PKR discount and Free Head Phones as a gift from offline markets. Moreover, You will get a chance to win 1000 LEDs through a mystery box till June 3, 2021.

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