11 things you can do with Watch OS 8 that You Didn’t Do Before

11 things you can do with Watch OS 8 that You Didn’t Do Before

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Apple hasn’t released yet the next-generation Apple Watch Series 7, however, the most recent software update for Apple Watches is now available. Watch OS 8 is the watchOS 8 update that is accessible for download this moment on Apple Watch Series 3 and later, comes with some awesome new features that will make your previous Apple Watch feel instantly upgraded. Here’s what you need to take a look at first.

1. Be more mindful

It appears that the Apple Watch Breathe app has gone, or more precisely, was changed to Mindfulness to reflect its holistic approach to mental wellbeing. The breathing exercises have been expanded and are now accompanied by a new reflection feature to encourage you to take the time to reflect more throughout your day. Fitness+ subscribers can get guided meditations, too.

2. Display an Image Face Watch

With watchOS 8.8, you can create a portrait image of someone who is important to you. Much to you to be the watch’s main face on your device so that you’re not at risk of losing track of the look of them. Set this look-alike watch face the same way you set any other by using the Face Gallery tab in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Select the portrait image you would like to show.

3. Text is Easier to Read

Messages are getting some significant improvements this time and the digital crown serving as a method of moving the cursor in the text to make editing easier and also the same area for text entry can be used to input scribbles emoticons and GIFs. The updated interface is likely to allow you to write more messages right on your watch and within a smaller period of time.

4. Set Multiple Timers

Do not ever let it be claimed that Apple isn’t able to invent, because thanks to the Watch OS 8 update, you’ll be able to finally create multiple timers that will work in conjunction with each other. You can set them via your Timers apps on your device, or by using the “Hey Siri” voice command as well as giving each one a unique label so that they are easier to recognize.

5. Locate Your Other Apple Devices

With the release of watchOS 8.8, you’ll find two new apps that can help you locate other devices: Find Items (which looks for AirTags and comparable tracking devices) as well as Find Devices (which looks for connected Apple hardware, such as iPhones iPads, iPhones, or Macs). You can also receive alerts whenever you’re Apple Watch is separated from other devices, for example, your iPhone If you wish to allow it.

6. Get more detailed weather forecasts

If you start the Weather app after you’ve downloaded the watchOS 8 updates, you’ll notice some changes. It now supports severe weather alerts, notifications to watch out for rain happening within the coming hour, and a few new weather-related features to explore on your watch’s display also. Similar to previously mentioned scroll down to view all the information that is available to you.

7. Manage your Smart Home’s Security More Simply


The Home app on Apple Watch OS 8has been redesigned and improved since the launch of watchOS 8. It now gives you greater control over the various Home Kit devices that connect to Apple’s smart home system, and you can also view feeds from connected smart video cameras on your watch without switching towards your iPhone.

8. Unlock Additional Doors

 watch OS 8


Its capabilities in the Apple Watch Wallet app are upgraded with the introduction of watchOS 8. It supports ultra-wideband keys for cars that are digital as well as the ability to lock and start compatible cars using the watch as well as hotel and home keys may be purchased digitally. In certain states, you can also add your driver’s license, or state ID to the Wallet application also, though this is might be a bit easier to access using your iPhone.

9. Track Respiratory Rate

 watch OS 8

In the watchOS version 8 that is installed Apple Watches are able to measure the rate of breathing (the number of breaths taken per minute) when you sleep, as well as other information such as heart rate. Check your sleep information through Apple Watch or check it using the Health application on the connected iPhone to review the results that were recorded over the course of.

10. You can track even more workouts

 watch OS 8

The Apple Watch has been upgraded to be better able to monitor two kinds of exercise: Tai Chi and Pilates. These are accessible within the Workout app when you scroll down. Apple states that they have been “supported by powerful, validated, custom-built heart rate and motion algorithms to provide users with accurate calorie metrics” even when the tracking feature is in operation.

11. Maintain Your Focus]

 watch OS 8

Similar to iPhones or iPads, as well as Macs Apple Watch, too. Apple Watch supports the new Focus profiles that allow you to define specific do not disturb rules for different situations (the workplace, the gym, driving, etc.). They are extremely useful when you make the effort to properly set them up and the simplest method is to open settings on the connected iPhone and then select Focus.

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