Apple Confirms Embarrassing MacBook Pro Design Problem

Apple Confirms Embarrassing MacBook Pro Design Problem

Why have MacBook screens been cracking unexpectedly? Some users have reported mysterious cracks in their MacBook Pro and MacBook Air screens ever since the launch in late 2020 of the Apple Silicon-powered MacBook Air. Apple has now revealed the source of the problem.

Apple has silently acknowledged the problem in its support documentation, after receiving multiple user reports via its forum and other MacBook communities.

MacBook Pro

“To allow the thin design of Mac notebook computers the clearance between the display (screen), and the top case is engineered to tight tolerances. Covers such as camera covers, palm rest covers, and keyboard covers should be removed before closing your Mac notebook. You should not leave any material or other materials on your display, keyboard, palm rest, or display to interfere with it when it’s closed. This could lead to damage.

Apple has confirmed that displays are being harmed, but the root cause is not MacBook Air and MacBookPro owners. Apple pushing the design limits to make their laptops as thin and light as possible.

The MacBooks look great on the stage, in marketing shots, and in the Apple Store. But, they are a large investment and many consumers can afford to pay up to $3000 to get the best protection for their expensive laptops.

Apple has an extensive selection of third-party cases and covers on sale, although a look through the list today shows a lack of keyboard, palm rest, or camera covers. The only thing that can disrupt the closed space between the keyboard & screen is the clips that a hard shell uses to attach to the laptop body or the screen privacy screen guard that reduces viewable angle.


The problem is caused by the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air designs. No matter the look of your laptop, you can still see the desire to purchase protective cases from the market. They are an essential part of the ecosystem. Therefore, it is important to consider them in design. To reduce tolerances between laptop sides to allow “the thin design”, it is not customer-led.

You can either go along with Apple’s design goals and abandon your laptop, or you may do the prudent thing for your bank and accept that Apple has tight design tolerances and could make your laptop irreparable.

The new MacBook Pro design appears to be just around the corner. The new design will appear on the MacBook Pro laptops with a 14-inch screen and a 16-inch display. It will be more compatible with the business of life than it is with the ideals of imagination.

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