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Google offers the satisfaction of not being for an answer to Pixel phones in more countries.

Google offers the satisfaction of not being for an answer to Pixel phones in more countries. What’s the most unpleasant method of spending time? Driving in the rush hour? Waiting in the line to renew your driver’s license? It was a time when we’d put “sitting on the sidelines watching music that you hold” close to the top. However, right at this point in the year 2000, Google introduced its Hold for Me service and Assistant-powered features that replace the phone calls put you on hold. When you use Hold for me you can be able to go about your daily routine while the Assistant patiently waited for a real person to show up. The news is that the access for Hold for Me is expanding to users from new locations.

The trick was first introduced in conjunction with the launch of the Pixel 5 and 4a (5G) in the latter part of September 2020. It took a few months before we’d be able to see the Hold For Me feature become available on older Pixel devices that would eventually include models that date back to Pixel 3.

However, even with the addition of Pixel phones being able to use Hold for Me, there was one major issue (and given that it’s Google and all, it’s not difficult to understand what we’re speaking about) that was the location. Only Pixel users from the US could benefit from the potential of this feature and spare them the hassle of sitting in a crowded room listening to music.

We haven’t yet seen any official announcement about the expansion into new countries, however, a couple of recent reports suggests that Google is working to make Hold for me available in more English-speaking countries all over the world. In particular, we’ve received hints from a couple of users from Australia who has informed us the fact that Hold for me is now live for users in the country. Also, an update by MobileSyrupthat indicates that the feature is set to roll out on Pixel smartphones in Canada.

We’d like to be able to see this trend continue into additional countries that are full of people with better tasks to be doing than waiting in line.

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