Gurman: “No Chance” Apple Watch Series 7, 7 Will Come With Blood Pressure Sensor

Gurman: “No Chance” Apple Watch Series 7, 7 Will Come With Blood Pressure Sensor

Nikkei Asia published a Tuesday report claiming that the Apple Watch Series 7’s blood pressure measurement capabilities will be available. This is one of many reasons why production has stopped as manufacturers adjust their designs.

The medically certified, connected blood pressure monitor will allow your Apple Watch to help you measure and track your blood sugar. Be sure to check that the FDA has certified any reliable blood pressure device.

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Bloomberg later in the day cited sources that supported Nikkei’s main assertion that the new model brought manufacturing difficulties that could cause supply constraints and shipment delays. However, Debbie Wu’s report with Mark Gurman didn’t mention Nikkei’s claim regarding a blood pressure monitor as one of the causes for production snags.

Gurman clarified Nikkei’s assertions in a tweet. He said that there is “no possibility” that the Apple Watch Series 7 would have a blood-pressure sensor.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that another model wouldn’t have blood pressure smarts. Apple was at its best earlier this year.revealedRockley Photonics, an electronics company based in Britain, has been the largest customer. They develop non-invasive optical sensors that can detect multiple blood-related metrics including blood glucose and blood pressure.

Rockley’s admission that Apple is its largest client was made as the company prepares to go public in New York. Rockley Photonics’ success and Apple’s relationship with it, make it seem almost certain that it will feature Rockley’s health sensor technology.

Apple is widely rumored to be planning an all-digital event for the middle of this month, where the company is expected to announce the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7, the latter of which is expected to have a new flat-edged design, larger case sizes, a faster processor, and battery improvements. For all the details, check out our Apple Watch rumor roundup.

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