OPPO Creates Smartphone with a Side-Mounted Camera

OPPO Creates Smartphone with a Side-Mounted Camera

According to reports from the past, OPPO is working on an Android smartphone that has an integrated Side-Mounted Camera. It is anticipated that a forthcoming Reno series of phones will come with this particular camera system. The company has submitted a patent application for a phone that has cameras that can be oriented in multiple directions.

Side-Mounted Camera

According to a LetsGoDigital story that according to a report from LetsGoDigital, the Chinese phone maker filed a patent application with the World Intellectual Property Office (World Intellectual Property Office). WIPO has approved the patent last week. The patent is about a phone with a distinctive camera module capable of taking pictures from the sides of the device, as well. In the sketch designs shown in the patent, the phone will have a rear-facing camera. This is commonplace, but with a mechanism that allows its primary camera to capture images from the sides as well.

OPPO Develops Smartphones with a Side-Mounted Camera

To take pictures from the side To take images from the side, the company features a cut-out on this side of the camera. It allows the primary lens to shift its focus towards the side with the help of mirrors. Also, the sensor itself doesn’t move and neither is the phone required to have an additional sensor placed towards the sides. One of the advantages of this kind of camera is that it can detect automatically when a specific subject is moving out of the frame, and also toward the right. The user will not have to be concerned about the subject moving out of the frame as the cut-out side will enhance the view angle.

At the present, there is no confirmation that OPPO is developing a similar product or just doing its job of covering the bases. Additionally, the model with this camera is expected to be a more expensive model. Therefore, we could anticipate that it will be an element in the Reno series. The technology is still in the early stages. It’s going to take a long amount of time to become commercially available. I believe that the company is in the process of developing something revolutionary for the coming Mobile World Congress (MWC) in the coming year.

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