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Xiaomi 12: Unbelievable Upgrades on the Tele Camera


Don’t try to beat them. Xiaomi will do exactly this next year with its 12 Series. Samsung is ready to assist Xiaomi in going where no other phone manufacturer has gone.


Samsung is a huge tech company that owns multiple baskets. Samsung isn’t just focused on increasing its annual income by selling phones. Its factories and research centers that are interested in displays and sensors play an important role.

Samsung doesn’t own all the goods, as you can see. Samsung started to collaborate and work with other phone companies that might be competitors, yes, but they aren’t entities that can disappear from the mobile industry.


With Xiaomi, this seems to be their plan for 2022. Mi 12 – Xiaomi 12 is the correct name for it after the company restructured and dropped the Mi. We will continue to rely on Samsung to make our history.

Which way? This is how it came up with a new phone line that focuses less attention on the main camera but more on the tele. The focus is on how to increase the optical Zoom through a Periscope, coupled with a high res Sensor; something that we’ve not seen very often.

Xiaomi will challenge the status quo by paying attention to the second rear, or periscope, camera. It will launch the Xiaomi 12 with 50MP tele sensors capable of 5x Optical Zoom.

It’s quite a leap. You may recall that the Mi 11 and Mix 4 featured 8-13 MP tele cameras. In order to keep the price range in line, both vanilla and pro phones will include 50MP main and ultra-wide cameras.

Next year’s most talked-about item will undoubtedly be the camera. The power of the tele and the sensors will be key.

Samsung has the solution: Samsung will give these babies the Dual Pixel Pro G5 sensor treatment.

Some claim that Samsung will give them a taste for the newly announced 200MP sensor. The 12 Ultra will have the same sensor, but it will be smaller. It would offer users greater freedom of expression and help with low-light photography.

You should be aware that the 200MP sensor is capable of 8K shooting, and the 50MP main can shoot super slow at 1920fps.

This area offers a lot of opportunities for creativity.

If 5x optical zoom seems a little disappointing to you, we understand. We heard that Xiaomi was working on 10x optical zoom. It wasn’t yet ready for deployment.


Cameras are obviously the crown jewels. But, for those who depend on their phones every day, they are not sufficient. Although they are less glamorous, shocking, or gossip-worthy than others, display, performance, and battery are vital.

You will not be surprised to know that Xiaomi 12 is the fastest in terms of performance. Snapdragon is the best choice without any proprietary chips. Snapdragon 898 will run 50% faster than its predecessor for 2022. The best part is that anyone can bring it onboard without hesitation.

A large battery and next-gen charging capabilities are also found under the hood. This is wired charging that can reach up to 200W. Others are still stuck with 10W charging and 120W wireless charging.

That is crazy! You can charge your phone in just minutes, from 0 to 100. When your Uber arrives, you will be ready and set to go.


This push-the-limits approach will also be seen on the front. You’ll first notice the phone when you open it. The display is at 6.8 inches or so for the vanilla version and 2K resolution. You will get a dynamic 120Hz refresh rate.

A rare sight at the year’s beginning will most likely be a familiar sight next year.


So when do we expect to see these babies in the shops? Our best bet, judging from the evidence so far is March – April.

There will be the Pro and standard versions, as well as the Ultra version. Then there will be the Ultra, then the Pro, then Ultra. Xiaomi is certainly a mobile-friendly company!

However, if you want to pursue the Ultra, you may have to wait until at least mid-2022. The company will debut the vanilla and Pro first, and then the Ultra.

Price is a tricky issue. It could start at $890, and go up to $1200, but all the new camera innovations could push it up.

We will find out more information at the end, including where it will sell. Europe is a sure bet, while the rest of the globe isn’t.

The Xiaomi 12 series is enough to make the company surpass Apple in terms of sales, two years in succession?

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