Android FluBot tricks victims to install malware using Security Scam: All Information and How to Get Rid of It If you’re Sick

Android FluBot tricks victims to install malware using Security Scam: All Information and How to Get Rid of It If you’re Sick

It appears that the Flu Bot virus is back and has new hacking tactics. The latest technique sends out fake emails to Android users asking them to download the “security update” against FluBot but in reality, it downloads the exact malware! Photo: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

It appears that the FluBot virus is back, and it’s with new hacking techniques. The latest attack sends a fake message to Android users, asking them to download a “security update” against FluBot but in reality, it downloads the malware itself!

Flu Bot virus

A lot of people who surf the web are likely to be familiar with the clever and imaginative character of FluBot. Its malware is an Android malware that takes passwords, bank information personal information, as well as other private information from affected devices. FluBot also uses Android access rights on devices, meaning it can spread through other targets.

When a device is sick, FluBot usually stays undetected by virus scans, which makes it difficult to eradicate.

Android Flu Bot tricks victims to install Malware, Steal Bank Accounts

FluBot generally employs SMS messaging techniques to combat its frauds.

In the past, hackers sent messages that claimed that they were a courier who was delivering the parcel. FluBot utilized well-known names like Amazon, DHL, FedEx as well as the Royal Mail (in the U.K.) to create convincing messages. The message will then notify the recipient of a late delivery, directing them to download an app to arrange a redelivery. The app will then download FluBot malware. FluBot malware.

Recently, FluBot used its own famous reputation to scare people with their messages. The New Zealand Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT NZ) recently tweeted a warning regarding FluBot fake messages.

The image displayed this specific text: “Android has detected that your device has been infected… You must install an Android security update to remove FluBot.”

Be aware that this fraud “warning” also explained that “FluBot is an Android spyware that aims to steal your financial login and password data from your device.” FluBot is quite transparent in its mission to make victims fearful of downloading fake security links.

It makes use of its capability to spread throughout the device’s contacts and addresses book. However that, in general, users are safe from malware, as long as they don’t click on the link.

There are different ways to protect and monitor your smartphone from FluBot malware.

How to remove Flu Bot Malware

As per ZDNet According to ZDNet, anyone who has concerns about being infected by FluBot malware should immediately call the bank they have used to deal with any unusual activity that occurs on the account. It is also recommended that users change their passwords for online accounts and passwords, preferably from a different uninfected device such as an iPad or laptop.

Users must also perform a factory reset of their devices affected by the virus. This is the final step to eliminate any trace of FluBot hidden within the system. It is important that you should not immediately restore backups because the backup data could still contain damaged files. Also, users should conduct thorough security checks on all accounts with banks as well as social media accounts and other accounts.

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